When I wish up on a school

Handler om hvordan drømmeskolen min er og ser ut.

(karakter 5)

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I am so tired of all the tumbledown schools with long corridors just like at the hospitals. And dirty toilets. Oh my gosh, there are water and toilet paper everywhere. The school doesn’t have enough room. They cram all the students into small classrooms. Bad air and small rooms can make us noisy. And it doesn’t get any better when teachers hang over us with their bad coffee breath. Is it queer that the teachers are grumpy and the students are tired?


I think the school would be better if it was more up to date. The appearance is important; the building should be big, with big, light rooms. Maybe white walls and decoration in specific colors in different rooms? There should be a lot of big windows, to let the lights in. And the fittings, ordinary classrooms are boring. But a few classrooms will be necessary. I think auditoriums would be more practical at the lecture because it contain many people. So, the teacher can actually assemble the students in that class; instead of tell the same several times. And when we are going to study for us self I should be more than one teacher. One teacher can’t help everybody.  


Okay, take a break and join one of my ordinary days in my dream school:

The first thing I did in the morning was to check my mailbox at one of the computers in the lobby. That was just where my school day started this day too. Today wasn’t special, but one of the messages made me exited. This evening it was announced a small concert in the “Stageclub”. That is a sort of a “dancing restaurant” next to the cantina and the school kitchen, where they only make healthy food.


When the clock rang I went strait to my closet to get my books. Today we were supposed to have a lecture about the “2nd world war” in the auditorium. In the break I went to the internet café right across the library. The library has sofas and tables. It’s enough place for a lot of students, and it is full of information. In this school you have to be on all the lectures, but you decide by yourself witch topics in the subjects you want to lose yourself in. It’s like that in every subject.


If you love to play football, you can choose ballgames in the gymnastics class. Or if you like dancing you can choose to take dance classes.


All the special rooms are complete. The music room has all the instruments and stereo, the gymnastics room has balls and a big area, you know what I mean. By the way, the walls are not so bad. We have decoration, Pictures, sculptures and flowers. The teachers here are very nice, if you are nice to them of course. They don’t punish the whole class if there are two or three students, who don’t can behave like they are 10 years old. Some of them are still not old enough to sit still and don’t throw rubbers. We have one more class everyday, but that doesn’t mind. Because if you work and pay attention in class, you actually don’t get any homework. And we can sit outside in the summer. There are tables for a whole city out there. Isn’t that great!


I think if you have fun and feed happy at school, then you don’t get tired. And the grades will get better.

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