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Oppgave på engelsk om den japanske artisten Utada Hikaru.
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I had read about another prodigy, a Japanese girl called Utada Hikaru. She was only 16 when she graduated at Columbia University and made her first debut album. The debut album, First Love sold 3 millions. She said that she had to write music at night when everyone was sleeping. Under her down she wrote songs which became great hits. And now every Japanese teen could hum her songs.


She never knew why she was so talented and clever. When she was seven, she jumped up five grades at school. “I just knew all that stuff they’re learning”, she said.


Even Jackie Chan offered Hikaru to sing the theme song in his new movie Rush Hour 2. The song ‘Brief my whistle’ by ‘Hikki’ featuring Foxy Brown could be fetched on the internet.


Hikki is now the best paid Asian pop star. She also created her own label products, ‘Chuichi’ which can be found on t-shirts, pens, toys and other accessories. It seems that she got a brain both for music and business.


Short profile: she was born in New York on January 19, 1983, her height is 158 cm, has not change since her debut. Wonder if that means her growth is over? The eternal passion is literature. Once she bough 15 books in one store and stayed at home reading like a beast. So that is why she got her ideas to write such touching lyrics.


As H.C Robbins Landon said, every myth had background of hard work and good luck. Similar to many other musical myths, Hikki was raised in an environment of constant exposure to music, including studio visits. Both her parents were also engaged in music-related work. Influenced by Queen, Guns n’ Roses and many many other artists, she went from rock to R&B, which she ended up devoting herself to. When this young professional talented artist at the age of ten debuted on an indie label in New York, she caught the attention of many well-known artists and the music industry. In New York, Hikki as Cubic U released the album Precious which is well known that Lenny Kravitz offered a great praise. But it was first in Japan she became big.


In the future, she says, she will do her activities globally as two different artists, Utada Hikaru in Japan and Cubic U in US. I doubt she will do it such great in US as in Japan. Even she got Hollywood celebrities to support her; there is still too much competition in US. The reason for her current preference of a wide range of musical genres has its roots in her past, but it did not mean that musical prodigy is just like that. She is a little bit more unique than anyone else.

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