Portrait of Nicholas Gene Carter

Portrett av et medlem i Backstreet Boys.
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Name: Nicholas Gene Carter

Nickname: Nick

Brothers: Aaron Carter

Sisters: Jeanie, Jessica ang Amanda

Parents: Donna and Jake

Lives: In Orlando, Florida (Usa)


All his life Nick has been in showbusiness. From he was 10 years old, he worked in the famous Disney club, were almost all of the young popstars today worked in their pree-teens. Britney Spears, Justin and Jason from N sync, several of the Backstreet Boys, Mandy more and many more.


Nick is a member of the world famous boyband: Backstreet Boys. They formed a group when Nick was only 15 years old. He was the youngest in the band.


One of the bandmenbers Brian also know as: “B-Rock” and Nick hit it of immidiatley. They see each other as brothers.


The group Backstreet boys moved together in 1996. Nick was the only one who kept on living at home because he`s parents thought he was to young to move out at the time.


Nick is without a doubt the most childish one in the group and Kevin the oldest member often gets in fights with Nick. But that`s no wonder as Kevin is 27!!


In an interview on Mtv they talked to the five guys one by one and gave them 5 questions. One of them was: Which member of the group do you think the othher band members get in the most fights with? They all answered Nick!!

Nick himself answered: It`s probably me:)


The Backstreet Boys have released 4 albums: Backstreet Boys, Backstreet`s back, Millenium and Black and Blue.

Nick is probably the ine who sings the most, lately A.J also sings a lot. Nick has a dream of going solo one day, but that`s a long way ahead he says.


Right now Bsb are touring the world and after that they will start on a new album. Nick`s younger brother, Aron is also a popstar. He got discovered on a Backstreet boys concert a few years ago when he performed on stage all by himself, 10 years old! He got a record deal, but he is taking his career in music a bit slowly. After all his album was released three years ago and is still selling hot!


This is the story of Nick so far, but hopefully we will hear more from both him and the Backstreet Boys in the future.

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