The damage has already happened

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It was the day before Valentine's Day and James was on his way home from school, he suddenly saw Ali holding Mary's hand, his blood was boiling and full of anger, he could not understand why Mary would hold the hand of a peasant like Ali. Mary had a beautiful yellow dress on her, I could see that she was happy. James could also hear that Ali and Mary were whispering and laughing together. James had a crush on Mary since Junior High, Ali and James were best friends. They had been enemies for four years, the reason that they became enemies started when Ali snitched on James when he was cheating on his English mid-term. Since then have there been bad blood between them, James has figured out that Ali and Mary are going to be a couple, of at the Valentine Prom. James is not letting that happened, right after James comes home, storms James into his room and figures out a plan. James does secretly mumble “I am going to make the worst and last Prom that Ali is ever going to have”. 

Valentine's Day had arrived, and James saw a lot of couples walking down the street from his room that smells and feels like a patient-room at a hospital. As the night came did the Prom also begin. James was fully aware of what he was going to do, James whispered to himself “the worst thing that is going to happen is that I am getting a life-sentence at Oklahoma Jail”. After the pep-talk did James put on a fancy suit that matched with his polished black suit shoes. He took the bouquet with the lovely red and white roses that James had bought yesterday and strapped himself up. James was ready.

James is now leaving his room and going to his old, silver and rusty Volvo from 1995 that feels like a homeless man's dumpster, and looks like a “Roaf dump”, James questioned himself nervously while he was driving to the school “I am now going to take another person's life, am I ready for this?” James responded to himself  “I got to get rid of Ali, that is the only way to make Mary fall in love with me”.

James pulls up to the school and walks into the gymnasium. James meets and greats to the principle, some of the teachers and his classmates. The Gymnasium was full of party music, James saw a lot of couples dancing on the dancefloor, but he could not see Mary and Ali. James felt a lot 

of Party-vibes and without even knowing was he on the dancefloor and moonwalking. While James was dancing could he feel a lot of heat, taste a lot of perspiring and the smell of Indian cuisine. James was partying so hard that he forgot his real mission, the prom was over after some hours of partying. James was walking to his car when he suddenly saw Mary and Ali talking and laughing at the car park, James remembered his real mission and he was now walking toward them, while walking did James feel a trembling feeling. 

Ali saw James and gave James a big smile while saying “Hi James!”, James replied, “Long time, no see”. James shook hands with Ali and Mary and questioned: “Where are you guys going?”, Mary replied, “We are taking an Uber® to my place to watch a romantic movie”. “I don't think that is going to happen” commented James angrily, James opened his coat and showed his handgun. “Let's take a chat in my car” he whispered secretly. James, Mary and Ali sat inside the car. “Why are you doing this to us?” argued Ali nervously. “Please don't” cried Mary slowly, James took the gun from his coat placed it into his hand and shouted angrily “Do you know why I am doing this!” “No!” replied both nervously. James pointed the gun on Ali and himself several times back and forth, “The damage has already happened” replied James while crying. The trigger was pulled, and the bullet went off.

A week later Mary walks to the graveyard slowly while crying, she has a black outfit on her that smells like too much perfume, Mary hears birds singing, the tea she is drinking tasted like summer and spring put together, she feels very depressed and Mary does smell the gorgeous flowers that she is holding. Mary walks to the gravestone; she places the flowers and stares at the stone. “Why?” she said softly.

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