Ghost story

- "Dette er en stil som engelsklæreren din vil elske! Det gjorde min!"

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My life has never been the same since the day my family and I went to Scotland.

We were going over to visit and old uncle who lived in a great big castle on an island near the cost of Berwick. Since my parents have a weird sense of humor, we had to go in the middle of the winter.


We arrived in Scotland after a 4 hour long flight from Italy, where we were living for the moment. My parents were one of a kind. They were both in the archeology business and therefore we went from home to home. Me and my brother, Charlie was both borne in Scotland, since my mother was Scottish. My parents meet here. And now we where back! Back to stay? I never knew what my parents had in store. The next move was always closer than you taught. And now we were back, back in my homeland… my homeland….

I felt it straight away, something funny in the air, something almost unnoticeable but still, it was there. It was as if the air was scared I thought to myself…


We arrived at Berwick after 2 hours in the car we had rented. It was blue and old, I did not like it at all. When we finally reached the cost my dad stopped the car and got out, as did my mum, and now for the first time since we came to Scotland my brother and I could talk.

- What do you think we are going to do here? I asked my brother.

- I don’t know Becca, I don’t know. He told me. But I wish I did.

- We could ask them again. I said after a while.

My parents had not told us anything, just where and when we were going. This was not the first time this had happened. And frankly I was sick of it.

- I already have, they won’t tell my anything!

Again this was normal!


Then we saw a boat coming against us, with an old man in it. My brother and I went out and took our luggage with us. My parents did the same thing. And soon we were all in the boat on our way to the island called Glen Ord.


We arrived just in time for supper. The fortress was grand! Just like in a fairy tale!

I couldn’t stop starring! It was… wow!

My uncle came out of the huge front door, and came right at us. He was dragging one foot after himself. He told us right away why we had come, and my brother and I finally got the truth.


We went inside the fort and in to a very large hall. After the hall, we entered at great room, witch seem to me as the biggest I have ever entered except maybe the Versailles palace In France. It was huge! We all sat down by the fire in big leather chairs and my uncle began to talk.         

- I will now tell you children why you and your family are here. But before I start, I will just tell you this, even if you feel scared during my tale you must not scream, promise me this.

We all did, and he started the tale of Lord William of Lochalsh.

- A long time ago this castle was the property of one of my ancestors, Lord William of Lochalsh. Began my uncle. He was a cruel and sinister man, who did not have many friends. But he hade one, a man called Sir. Callander. They were great friends, and Sir. Callander was a frequent visitor a the fort, but one time he did not come back from one of his visits, and the town was alarmed. They were all sure that the scary Lord had done something cruel to this poor man, and they all went out to the island and after a while they found him, all alone, in the top tower, and without any explanations they threw him out the window. As soon as he hit the water, a big storm rose from nowhere.


They were all petrified and ran back to their boats, but as soon as they came down to shore they saw that the boats were gone and they heard a nasty laugh.

Suddenly, a laugh rose in the big room, the light went out and the only source of light was now the fire. I was ready to scream, but just before I was going to I remembered my uncles warning and so I did not do it. But the story continued and my uncle was unaffected with what had just happened.

- The whole community froze, and no one can explain this, but they all jumped in to the ocean, and died. Except one person. Sir. Callander’s wife, Lady Rebecca Callander.

I screamed, she had my name, my name! This could not be a coincidence, it just couldn’t!

I ran from the big room, my parents shouted after me but I couldn’t make out what they said, I knew where I was going. Fist up the stairs, then to the right, lest, stair ahead the up another staircase, and there I was, in front of a door, a old metallic door.


The others came just behind me, and my uncle told me that this was the door to the tower. I entered, I wasn’t scared, I knew this place. I found another door in the room, a hidden one; my uncle steered at me and said he had never known about this door. I opened it by hitting it three times. I flew open, and inside was a book. It was old and scruffy. I opened it and read.


"The one true landlord of this castle was and will always be Lady Rebecca."

I looked up into my uncle’s face, he was white. I continued reading.


"A spell will for always be on the house of Lochalsh, until a girl comes, and the two families will be reunited again."

I looked at my parents, they were smiling. We are the two families they said. Your dad is the ancestor of Sir. Callander, and me I am from the Lochalsh family. We have broken the spell.


After that day my family and I have lived in Scotland, with my uncle. We are very happy, but I still can not get the funny feeling out of my body!

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