All angels are white

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The room is so quiet. You can only see that the wind blows the curtains up, and refreshes the air. You can’t hear anything but the night birds, singing outside the window. Soon it will be morning and the sun will shine trough the curtains and wake up the little boy sleeping inside. You can see the little body underneath the duvet. You can hear how he breaths, slowly. It’s night so we’ll let him sleep. Bur before we go we’ll close the window. We don’t want him to be cold. We close the door slowly behind us, and then he opens his eyes. He sits up and he walks over to the window. He folds his hands, making one finger lock the other in it. He turns his face down to the floor. Then he whispers silently short words out into the night. No one knows what he’s doing but everyone knows why.


The morning came. The sun smiled softly, and faded away all of the darkness the night had covered the earth with. The white room was bright and it was almost impossible to see. He was lying in his bed, turning his head from side to side. Sometimes he looked at the door, just waiting for it to open. He heard voices outside. He turned his head away from the door again, and he looks at the empty bed beside him. He looked confused, like he was expecting someone to lie in it. The door opened, and a woman came in to the room. She took a deep breath before she got her self together and walked over to the bed.
- I’m sorry. She said, almost whispering. – Brad, he. Well, you know that he was supposed to get that operation last night. Well, eehm... He, he didn’t make it. I’m sorry.

A tear appeared from here eye and she lifted her hand fast to wipe it away. – It’s ok to cry, he said. She smiled softly and touched his head.


They decided to move him to another room, so he didn’t have to be so alone. – She’s at your age, Daniel, and she’s really cute too. The nurse tried to cheer him up. He sad that it was ok. He didn’t mind if it was a girl. They drove his bed trough some corridors before they came to the room. The girl was so tiny. It was almost impossible to see her. She was all gone in the big bed. She lifted her head up, slowly when she heard someone enter the room. – Hello Arellys. The nurse smiled to her. Its stupid how much they smile he thought. They really think it helps us to get better? Do they really think that we don’t know we can die?


The only reason you could see Arellys hiding in the white sheets, was because she was black. She looked out in the room like she was looking into another world if she looked long enough. Suddenly she turned her head to him. – You see, I like looking at the sealing. Then I can pretend I am an angel and I can fly. Because the sealing is white. And I can draw anything I want; I could make my own fantasy come true. The brown eyes were sparkling when she was telling. He looked at her. Studying her, how the black hear lied over her shoulders and how her lips were moving when she was talking. – Are you eight, he asked. She smiled, and said yes are you? He didn’t answer he just turned away and said – All angels are white.


-The days are so long here. He was falling a sleep, but she dragged him back from the dreams which appeared in front of his closed eyes.

-Really. He sad. I haven’t really noticed. He turned over on the side, with his back

against her. Trying to get back to sleep.

-No? You see, I can’t remember what I did a couple a hours ago. That’s why I think that maybe the days are longer here.

He didn’t answer her; he just pretended to be a sleep. She looked at him before she turned away again. – You don’t have to be this way. I’m only trying to get to know you. I’m sorry.

He could hear how she almost started to cry. And he turned so he could see her face. – I can’t remember either, he whispered. She smiled at him. – Arellys. She said proudly. What a beautiful name he said. – What is yours? –Daniel, he smiled

-How do you survive it Daniel? She said. He looked at her.

-I pray. He said. Every day, I pray.

-What do you pray for?

-I just pray.

-But what are you saying. She was so curious now.

-I wish that everything could be better.
I wish that I could make every dream come true.
I wish that I could make the world different.
I wish that I could support everybody whose having a hard time living.
I wish that I could meet an angel.
I wish that this world will learn that nothing can ever be better, unless we make it so.

- Wow, that was beautiful. So deep. She took up a book and asked him to repeat it when she wrote it down.


-How long have you been her? She asked.

-Do you always ask all these questions? He asked, thinking that this girl is annoying. She turned away from him, avoiding his question. She lifted her self up in the bed and turned on a light and took up her book again. He looked at her. He could see how she was deeply concentrated about what she was writing. Maybe it’s a diary he thought. I shouldn’t ask, it’s her diary. – It’s not a diary she sadi. It’s my dreams. They heard someone coming outside the door. The person was walking very carefully, because they almost couldn’t hear it. They looked at the door, and a very sweet little woman opened it. They could see her head. She opened the door, and came in.

– Am I disturbing you, she asked. Daniel jumped up and down in his bed, and screamed no no no. So she came over to his bed. He lied down again. And she kissed his head.


How are you? She asked him. He smiled at her and sad, I’m much better. She took him into his arms and gave him a hug.

-So I see you switched room, huh?

-Yea, I did. Well they felt sorry for me, lying in the room all alone. So they put me here.

-Well, is that ok?

-Yea, it’s ok. He smiled to her, so she would think that he was fine.

He closed his eyes slowly while she was singing this song, very low. But Arellys could still hear the beautiful melody and as Daniels mother where singing she felt a sleep. Wishing she was an angel.


The night was sneaking it self over them. Covering them like a big blanket. They couldn’t hear voices speaking anymore. They couldn’t hear people outside their door. He couldn’t sleep. He lied in his bed looking out of the window. He was breathing deep and slowly. And he could feel his body getting heavier for every breath he took. He turned away from the window, he couldn’t see her. She was drowning in her bed; it was almost like he was alone. He could hear her breath. He went out of his bed, and carefully he went over to hers.


He bended over her, and whispered softly in to her ear. She turned around. She didn’t say anything, because she was still sleeping. He went over to the window. He folds his hands, making one finger lock the other in it. He turns his face down to the floor. Then he whispers silently short words out into the night.


-A new day! She said smiling into his face. Isn’t it great? I love mornings. A nurse came in to the room. She was laughing when she saw how the girl was jumping up and down in front of the window. – Come here Arellys. I have your medicine. Come here no. Daniel you too. But  Daniel didn’t come. – Daniel the nurse said nervously.


– Daniel..? She walked fast over to Daniels bed. He was lying there, he looked up at her. – Daniel, can you hear me?! The nurse shouted. Daniel just moved his head. And then he closed his eyes. – Daniel!! The nurse shouted again. Arellys was standing in a corner and just watching them. The nurse ran out of the room. Arellys moved over to Daniels bed slowly with small steps. – Daniel? She whispered.


– Daniel, are you there? He opened his eyes again. She smiled. – Come…. Here... He said with a different, tired voice then the one she was used too. She came closer to him. – Closer... He whispered. – Angels is not just white, Arellys. Angels Is not just white.

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