What is a good friend?

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What is actually a friend and what qualities should a friend have? I will try to express my thoughts about this.


- A friend should be a person you can trust with secrets and things that you find difficult to express.

- I would say that a good friend can say no and when they have said yes, they should mean it and do as they said. And if they turn you down after saying yes, they should have a good reason for it.

- You should be able to speak to each other without feeling like it is stupid the way you talk and things like that.

- A friend should not speak shit behind your back.

- A friend should get and give quite some “second chances”


These are some small points of wisdom; most important is probably the last one. Because a friend is something you don’t get every day, but never give too many chances without questioning their acts, if you don’t ask they will think that you are there whenever they are bored. So, sometimes as a good friend you must say no.


If there is one thing I can say nothing about it is best friend, but still I can say everything. I have had one best friend that was the best friend ever. But all people make mistakes; he made a few too many. I have had other best friends, but none at his level in friendship.


Back to the case, a friend is mostly “something” you speak to, share your feelings with, but also a “thing” you go to the movies with, play football with and cycle with.


A good friend also has a lot more bad sides than what mentioned above, here are some of the worst features you could get in a friend:


- Your friend is only being your friend because to get something from you/ get an advantage.

- The friend is speaking shit about you every time you turn the other way.

- Never tell the truth and never do as they said they would.


These are things you should speak to your friend about if it occurs in your friendship.


But most important: You need friends and they need you. Even if it doesn’t always seem that way. Friends are, and will always be friends!




This text is based on personal experience and the utopia of a friend, and should not be taken literally.

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