What about Mother Earth?

Hvordan verden trolig vil bli om 100 år. Vil Jorda tåle all forurensingen som vi mennesker skaper?
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There is a theory many people believe in; that in about hundred years’ time, when the technology is at it’s highest, it will be flying cars, food is replaced by pills, books will be replaced by high-tech computers, the cell phones will just be a small “mic” behind the ear and many inventions like this will be invented.


But I don’t think anything of this will happen, because all since the 19th century, maybe before that too, people have said it will, but has it ever? Like, I remember went I went in third grade, my friends and I believed that in year 2000 all humans would speak one common language, so that everyone understood each other, no matter where you came from. And we believed that school wouldn’t exist, because, as I said earlier, high-tech computers would replace the books. But now, four years after the millennium, none of this has happened. We can ask our selves: Will it occur? And if it does, are the world’s populations willing to go trough with it?


Well, in my case, I’m more concerned about our climate, environment, and world concerning themes. How will the world be in a hundred years’ time? We humans pollute by letting out toxic co2 gasses into the atmosphere, we cut down rainforests just to get a new mall to explore, or a new warehouse to store goods. How will Mother Earth react to this, will she put up with it? As we know there is something called global warming that is a large world concerning theme going on. The average temperature rises all over and as an outcome of that, the ice up North starts to melt, and the effect of that is that the sea level increases, and countries will be inundated.


If we don’t stop to pollute, how will the world look like when our

great-grandchildren grow up? I picture the world then as a gray globe covered by a thick coat of smoke, gasses and filthy air. Will we accept that our descendant may live in a ruined world, because we didn’t care? In Norway the average age is very high in proportion to other countries, but if we continue to pollute as much as we do now, Norway’s average age will fall. Are we really that selfish? That we don’t care about our next?


Show that we are more concerned about our world than it seems – stop the pollution, before it’s too late…

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