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My name is Veronika, and I have always had a thought, kind of a strange one. I have always wondered if it really is true that the vampires had a life before. Do they still live? Or have they ever done it? I have decided to find out more about this. So stay with me.


This essay is the”dark” truth about Vampires... Enjoy ;)


In the past century it was huge popularity around the vampires. The “blood drinkers” took many lives. But the histories that is told, is that pure truth? Or is it just a history that some poor farmers told for popularity? I have searched a bit on the internet for results and here are my results;


Some words about Vampirism:


Its pitch dark, except for the light from a tiny lantern and you're huddled round a freshly dug grave in your village cemetery. There are no street lamps, no car headlights to pierce the blackness. It's the 18th century. You believe in God, in angels, in witches and magic, and in the Devil. And you think your sister, who died last month, has become a vampire, a member of the undead. So you've come to dig up her body and check for the signs you've been raised to believe are proof of vampirism.

Few of us have any idea what happens to our bodies when we die. Most of us have never even seen a corpse. We live in a rational age and would probably assume that someone with extended teeth and their mouth crusted with redness was suffering from some disease, and not a vampire caught after feeding. But it's easy to see how less informed, less educated, more superstitious communities sought to rationalise the unknown by invoking the supernatural.


The medieval descriptions of the 'signs' of vampirism when coffins are opened are very similar to the changes we can observe the natural decay of a corpse. Of course this varies widely, and depends on temperature, wetness and how the person died.


And now, over to a little history.


This story is about “me”. I had this strange dream once. I was alone. No friends, just me, and a monster.



I was going there, all alone. I was afraid. I looked on every corner. I didn’t like this darkness, it was so creepy, I was afraid. What if it is vampires here? - Oh no. Not the cemetery! No, never. - I said with a scared voice. I was shaking. I started to run, I wanted to look back. But I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. There suddenly, out from the dark a shadow came. Out of nowhere. I was terrifying.


- Oh God, what is? No. That can’t be. – I screamed loud. But all I was hearing was a whispering voice who told me to come closer. I couldn’t move. No never if I would. That was my one and only thought. – Don’t go near by, stay away from that thing. – I whispered to my self. I was shaking, so damn much. I wanted to just sit down and cry. I couldn’t, I had to be strong. That said a voice in my head. – am I starting to go crazy? – I asked my self. I looked on that monster one more time, white teeth, a deadly face and creepy nails. It was so ugly, I was afraid of it, damn right. Devilish eyes looked hungry on me after blood. Then it started to move, with a jump. – Oh hell no! – I screamed. – No way, don’t. Go away! – I yelled with a crying voice. I can’t let this happen. So I started to run, for my life, as fast as I can. I didn’t look behind me, I dared not. Then I decided to take up that fight, dead or alive. I can’t run forever. So I turned around and stopped. – Were is that thing? – I said confused. I was looking around. Everywhere, nothing. – But how? – I asked my self.


… Then suddenly something hit me, hard... Everything turned black.


And, there my dream ended. No answer, nothing... I woke up when everything turned black... Kind of sad really. But maybe you can find your own ending to my dream?


You have maybe seen a Vampire Movie? How they kill a human? How they suck the blood out of a woman?

Do they really need blood to survive? Or is it just an old thing they learned? That human blood taste so “good”? Who knows?


It wasn’t so much to find about vampires on the internet, so I can’t tell you if they lived or not. But in my head, they have always lived, and they do. Vampires are a creature who fascinates me. And I love to see movies about a vampire, the way they kill someone, the way they live. It’s kind of strange, that something that may have been human can do those things. Dead or alive, I love them. And you can’t say I want to be a murder for that? Because I likes those murders?


Then, I’m finished. And I hope you enjoyed this essay and that it is not too much “facts” in it.



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