True happyness! Through money, or love?

Amerikanernes og afrikanernes syn på livet. Eller noe slikt.
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In the United States, it lives two kinds if people, the poor one and the very rich one. You are either poor or rich, it’s usually no middle thing. But it isn’t just the poor people that feel poor, the rich ones too. When you have much money, you always want more. And when you get more, you want more and more… You want as much as you can get. That’s just the way it is.


Waris Dirie said once:

The United States is the wealthiest country in the world, yet everybody feels poor. Maybe she said that because she had not seen anything like that before, Families that spend so little time on each other. It was nothing like the families in Africa, there they spent almost all the time together, they eat together, spent the evenings together…


On the evenings they sat around the fire, and they was singing and laughing together. And everybody had fun, and they had true happiness. And that’s NOT the happiness they got in the United States. There they have an other value of life. They thought that they don’t need a family to be happy, cause they have money, and they are afford to buy whatever they want.


They buy houses, cars, jewels, pools, hot tubs, and everything else, just to find happiness, and peace of mind. Maybe they are happy a while, but they ALWAYS buy something new, when these things get boring. And exactly that’s the fake happiness. You don’t find true happiness through things, cause the Africans never had anything. You find it through people, people you love.


In Africa they spend much time with their families, but in the United States they have little time, or no time at all. Everyone has to get more money to buy more things, and that’s why I think Waris Dirie said that.


In Africa almost everyone is poor, and they had to work very hard, just to get enough food. In the United States people have more than enough food, but they won’t eat it, cause they have to be thinner. In Africa people starving to death, but on the other side of the world, people pay money to loose weight.


If you want to live in the United States, you got to be perfect. Have the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect look, the perfect clothes, the perfect LIFE! If you have any problems you should ignore them, cause if you tell anyone, they usually look at you in a different way, and maybe call you weak, and laugh of you. Those people are to busy of thinking of them self, that they have no time to help other people that need it. Everything you want to do, you have to do at your own, because no one else would do it fore you!

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