To be like everybody else

Tenåringer er opptatt av å passe inn, og presset fra media og omgivelsene er sterkt på mange områder.
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Pressure and shame is something the teens have struggled with for many, many years, maybe now stronger than before. It is more and more commercial on TV and you can almost not go out the door without being affected of  this. To not get affected you must almost stay inside without TV, radio and cell phone all the time. Is that the way we want it? Cool clothes, slim ladies, perfect hair, all this and so much more.


This is a problem I think alot about, I know a girl who has felt this pressure on school, home and in the sparetime. I want to tell you all about her story, even do it's hard to tell about it.


When I went to see her I noticed a whole bunch of clothes all over the floor. I am sure that all those clothes would warm all the people in Africa, but on the other side they wuoldt warm so much because the skirts and tops were minimal. I also noticed the big posters on the wall of nice models, that probably is her idols.


She thinks it's a big pressure for teens to look perfect. It's in the commercial in the media 24/7, this is something she don't like at all. It is inpossible to not feel the pressure, ecspeially with clothes, this is something alot of teens struggle with. Very many wear jeans they have payed alot of money for, just because of the labour. It's just that no one would like to wear out. (?) “skille seg ut”


My friend get influenced of what other people on her age wear, and what labour it is. But most of the teens now a day feel the same as her. She tells me that she buys expencive labour-clothes just to don't lose respect. Personally I think that this is very stupid, my friend agree with me. But she don't have the courage to speak out about it, yet. This is something she is very ashamed of. Much of the pressure we feel now a day we get through the media. Everyday we see slim models who are supposed to be our idols. It is them we look up too and want's to be. It's hard to be different and feel that you can't be accepted for the person you really are. Many people is ashamed that they don't have the right clothes and don't have the best look.


Something else we feel the pressue about is the grades, in 10th grade, they are very important. Our parents expect alot of us and our grades, and it isn't alway east to live up to it. Many of our friends have good grades and you don't want to be the one who don't have the best grades. Media, friends, parents and svhool lay a bog pressure on us. We try as good as we can, but when we don't get the grade our parents and teachers expect we feel we let them down. And that is not a good feeling.


I think this text is a good example on how the teens feel the pressure and the shame from media, school and fashion. It also show that many people struggle to be the one they really are, instead they try to be somebody else.

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