Thoughts of the bridge

Hvor kommer tanker om å hoppe fra en bro fra?

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The bridge was staring at me. It was almost like it had eyes of a dragon, and talked to me in a desperate way. It had been staring at me like this for many days. The bridge is a very common bridge I’ve heard. Last week in the newspaper I read that a man in his twenty’s jumped off the bridge. That feeling of jumping off a bridge makes my tummy turn upside down. Like a rollercoaster ride. But still I’ve had the same thoughts and making the same decision. I keep asking myself why? How can I even think these thoughts? They're scary, I don’t even like them, but still I can’t make my head think of something else.


One day last week I went for a walk over London Bridge, I kept looking down at the water and trying to see how far down it was. But somehow I couldn’t, there was like a switch in my head telling my brain not to look down. But I kept ignoring that switch. I walked across the bridge and my mind went berserk. Every thought of jumping off the bridge was horrifying. Every second of those thoughts were awful. But my head kept thinking about it over and over again. Somehow that switch came back on every time my eyes blinked open, and caught the sight of the bridge.


Why is it like this? Why can’t you have control over your own thoughts? Even the thoughts you don’t want to have won’t go away! Thoughts in your head lead to choices, making your mind up and they make you do things. If I could talk to anyone about the thoughts in my head, I wouldn’t do it. Not even if someone paid me to. They would only scare them away, or even send me away.

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