Too much TV!!

The community in which we live children and adults don't have much to do, we watch TV all day around.
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The community in which we live, children and adults don’t have much to do. We don’t do so much work around the house or any other activities. Of course not everybody’s like that, but the most of the children and adults in our community watch TV the whole day around.


In almost every home today children spend a lot of time watching TV. They can sit and stare for hours until the channel closes, or it’s dinnertime or something like that. Every body is so depended on television! It’s like it’s a part of their lives! Don’t they have other things to do in their lives?!

Of course there are some advantages of children watching TV. Many times you can learn something good from television, something useful. Sometimes you can get some real good ideas for a school projects or for something else. And every body needs some entertainment.  But watching TV 10 hours a day (or even more!) is too much!


Some people let their children sit in front of the TV, because they want some peace. Ok, it’s all right sometimes. But if they keep on like that, have you ever thought what will happen to them? If that keeps on, the child will slowly loose his imagination, he’ll be so dull and he’ll have problems with understanding things. The next generation will be lazy and they will have problems with their health. And if they wont work or do anything. They wont get tired, they’ll have sleeping problems. And if they watch television that much, they’ll have problems with their sight. And the worst thing of all is the action on the TV. It will affect their innocent brains. And that will result more force in the real life!


Instead of watching TV whole day, children should have more physical activities. Like football, basketball, handball and so on. They don’t have to play this kind of sport, they can run, use their bikes, play hide and seek and games that children play together.


Reading can also be an alternative, it’s not  physical. But it’s better than watching TV at least. By reading children get knowledge, which is of course good.


So if you parents could somehow make your children do something else than watching television, it would be grate! You could make a timetable with your child. When I say timetable, I don’t mean that you have to write down how long the child is allowed to watch TV. But you could discus the time with him or her. Give them time to try out their physical talent. Or you cold just give them some books They may scream and shout and slam the door and maybe they wont even talk to you for a while. But be determined. When they find out that you really mean that you said, and you wont let them watch TV, they’ll begin to need something to do. So if you buy them a bike or a football, maybe they’ll try one of those things. And that may be a start of the end of watching TV. But if they really don’t want too go out, or if they have any problems, they might start reading. As I’ve already said, reading gives knowledge. And by reading they can even learn that doing some activity is good for the health. And they’ll start going out and play. And they wont be so lazy as they are now. And if we really follow these alternatives, the next generation wont be as lazy as they’re on their way to.


So what I’m trying to say is, that everybody should try to make his or her child watch less television. Because the community in which we live, there is too much TV!

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