Saving our environment

En stil om hvordan ta vare på miljøet på engelsk.

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Dear readers of Perspectives Magazine, I need your help.. Our world needs your help!

Not all of us can be experts, and not all of us can be experienced climatologists. We are just normal people who hope that maybe we can make a difference. But that’s what it’s going to take! Normal everyday people all over the world realizing that each one of us has the potential to make a difference in our community and in our environment! It all starts with ourselves. We are the ones that have to be the messengers. We have to be the ones who start caring about this planet we live on enough to step out of our comfort zones and take action!


God gave us a responsibility. He put all the innocent animals, the gracious trees and the beautiful flowers under our care and most of us have shown that we don’t know how to care for them, or for anything else! We spill thick black oil into our oceans, oil that kills whales, fishes, sea plants and also causes damage to beaches! We are all gready and shouts and cries for more. More money, clothes, food.. Everything! We should be happy with what we got! Think of those who doesn’t have anything.. We slaughter magnificent animals just to get a fur-coat, why kill an innocent bear, or maybe a dog just to get real fur on your coat when you can buy a fake one? Things like this are the change that we have to start doing! Why drive to our friend when we have the capacity to walk, run or maybe bicycle?


We fight and we kill; animals, wild plants, fishes, birds.. Even other humans! Do we want all this to continue? No! we want to stop this! Walk instead of driving, take the bus instead of driving your own car, and make sure that you throw garbage in garbage cans! By doing this, you can save money and you prevent gas emissions. You also keep our nature clean which helps saving our environment. Everyone can manage this, and everyone should at least try!


It’s easy to be ignorant about the problems facing the world, simply ignoring the problems of today as a matter of convenience. Yeah, let’s keep burning fuels, throwing away recyclable goods, devastating natural habitats and polluting the water supply. Uh? .. Some people even think that this “global warming” nonsense could be a good thing for us because it’s so cold outside..


We should wise up and fix things before they get worse! Our generation always told us to clean up the mess we made and leave whatever place we inhabited cleaner than when we arrived. But it seems like that advice has been all but disregarded. People lie if they say that they don’t have worries about the future. If we don’t do anything, we should definitely be worried! Now it’s time for the concerned citizens round the globe to join into one single voice which calls out in demand for change! We should demand this of our leaders, politicians, our friends and families, and of course; ourselves. We must make commitments! We as a nation must say that we will protect this world so that our children and generations after us can exist in a sustainable society which does not inherently damage the ground it resides on. We must rebuild our society so that the air we breathe is clean, the sky we look upon is clear, and the waters which run throughout are free from pollution. It will take more than hope to right the situation we have found ourselves in.


Mountains, rivers, trees, snow at winter time, our unique and amazing animals.. This is what makes our world so fantastic! The way to love anything is to realize that I may be lost. Imagine the world without this! So please everyone, help saving our environment! Thank you

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