Frodo Baggins

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Frodo Baggins is a hobbit of the Shire. The Shire is the place that most hobbits inhabit.


Frodo Baggins lived in Bag End, it is a marvelous hobbit hole witch he inherited by his uncle Bilbo. Frodo was adopted by Bilbo because Bilbo needed an heir to hold the Bag End away from his greedy relatives; the Sackville-Baggins.


Frodo has brown hair and as hobbits most he was very short compared to the “big folks” but in the hobbit point of view he was just normal. When Bilbo turned 111 he was having a big party at the Shire party tree. Many people came there and liked it, but the party was going to change Frodo’s life for ever. As Bilbo was going hold his speech hi said that his time had passed and suddenly, he disappeared.


He had put on his ring, a magic ring. Up in Bag End Gandalf had already been waiting for him. He there talked to Bilbo and convinced him to give the ring to Frodo because Bilbo was starting to obsess with it. He left the ring in an envelope for Frodo who was told by Gandalf to “Keep it hidden, keep it safe”.


Then a few years passed and suddenly Gandalf returned to the Shire in great haste. He had found out something about the ring that was not good, he told Frodo to toss the ring on the fire. Slightly reluctant he did as he was told by the wizard. When the ring had been on the fire for a while Gandalf told him to take it, and ensured him that it was not hot.


Frodo was told to look for sign or writings on it. He said that he could see something he could not read, it looked elfish. Gandalf told him that it was in the Language of Mordor it said;

One Ring to rule them all,

One Ring to find them,

One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

He told Frodo that it was the One Ring and it could not stay in the Shire. Frodo was take the ring with him on a journey, when he was going to leave Gandalf did not show up.


He had a long and perilous journey only to Bree were he got help from the ranger Aragon to get further to Rivendell. He was put up against many dark things but the little hobbit of the Shire in the end managed to overcome all, with good help from his very good friend Samvise Gamgee.

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