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En artikkel på engelsk om det tøffeste bandet ever, Franz Ferdinand!
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The Scottish rock-quartet startet a couple of years ago. Just for fun, now they are one of Europe’s most wanted bands!


The Scottish quartet, in the lead of Alex Kopranos, began playing together about three years ago, when none of the four boys even knew how to play any instruments. Nor did they know that in 3 years, they would be famous worldwide, and that the single “take me out” was going to earn them fame and glory.


Their CD named “Franz Ferdinand” has gotten great critics all over the world, by both newspapers, tv-shows and of course the audience.


According to the band themselves, they make light punk rock… especially the songs “dark of the matinee” and “Jacqueline” have been discussed a lot, and have been very good publicity.


The band has already received grand prices and awards. Earlier this month they won “the mercury prize” which is a British award show which also gave them twenty-five thousand pounds. They also won an award at the Mtv-video music award for best new video.




This autumn the band is heading over seas for a big tour in America. On the calendar they have over twenty concerts and every single ticket is sold out!


The quartet consisting of the lead singer and guitarist Alex Kapranos, Paul Thomson on drums, Bob Hardy on bass guitar and guitarist Nicholas McCarthy

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