Found after 6 months on South Sea Island

En nyhetsreportasje med et intervju av en mann som var savnet i seks måneder.

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Wednesday evening John Copperfield and his wife Carol were out walking on South Sea Island when they heard a weak voice behind some bushes. They first thought it was an animal that was hurt, but when they got to see what was lying behind the bushes, they got amazed. It was the man on the "missing posters" all over the cities.


A nice Wednesday evening John Copperfield and his wife were out walking on South Sea Island they thought they heard a animal that they thought was hurt, but when they walked over to see, it was not an animal at all. It was Eric Johnson (43) who mysteriously disappeared for about 6 months ago.


The Police didn't believe their own ears when they got a telephone from John Copperfield saying that Eric Johnson from the missing posters was found. Police and emergency-crew was quickly called into the forest where Eric was lying. Eric had a broken leg and couldn't walk that good, he had found himself a branch to keep him up while walking.

"Eric is a very strong man, it's hard to imagine that he could've walked so far, and survived for so long. God knows what he has been eating," says the police-chief for South Sea Island. The Police will not give anymore comments about Eric Johnson at the moment, but he is in good care.

One month later the South Sea Island Post gets an e-mail that Eric Johnson would love to tell his story about the disappearing.


Eric is happy to see us and welcomes us into his home.


”Hi, Eric, how are you? Is it fine I ask you some questions about your disappearing? ”

”Thanks for asking, yes I’m fine,” he smiles, and adds ”yeah, just ask,” while leaning back in a black leather chair.


Eric, how did you get lost like this?”
He scratches his head before opening his mouth. ”I've had a memory-loss so I don't quite remember it all, but I remember I was dared by a friend of mine, to walk around the South Sea Island. And I had to be so stupid to challenge him to this dare. I packed the things I needed for the trip, and headed off. I planned it would take me some weeks, I didn’t think there would be any problems.” he says with a little laugh

You were gone for 6 months. How did you survive?”
”Oh, embrace yourselves! I ate a lot of weird things on this trip, when I somehow lost my food after 6 weeks. I remember eating bugs, bird-eggs and in the worst case I ate snakes, and do you know what? They taste like chicken! Food wasn't any big problem at that moment. I was lucky about the time of the year, it wasn't so cold. I found shelter sometimes under bushes, and into caves. I even fought a bear! That's why I got this scar on my right arm. As you maybe know, South Sea Island is a big island, so it took time getting around it, but still I tried my best and didn't give up. I didn't lose my lighter, so it was no problem making a fire to cook those snakes,” Eric laughs.

”I did think about not making it and just die, but my mind cleared fast, and I kept on. I had lost track of where I was, and I still don't know where I was, so that's nothing to be bothered about”

As said; you were gone for 6 months. What was your thoughts?”
Of course that was a big thing. I've already heard that people thought I was dead and so on. I don't blame them for that, I was gone for 6 months without a trace!” Eric looks down on the floor. ”I missed my friends, and my daughter, Natasha who’s 15. She says it was hard thinking that her dad could be dead,” he says silent, while blinking his eyes.

When you were found, we've heard you had a broken foot?”
Eric nods. ”Yes, that is true. It is embarrassing how I broke that foot. I was jumping down from some rocks, the tallest where I broke my foot, was maybe 3 feet high. I jumped down, and landed wrong, resulting in a broken foot, but the injury wasn't so bad. I found a good, solid branch that helped me all the way home. I couldn't walk on it though”

You was found by calling for help, says John Copperfield and his wife. What was going through your head at that time, if you remember?”
”Ah! At that time, I had given all hope up. I was lying there to die. Lucky me that they found me, I can't say how glad I am for the Copperfields finding me. I wasn't expecting anyone to hear my calls, the only thing I remember was John calling 991, then I had a blackout... that's it.”

One last thing. The Copperfields says they are glad you are in good health and home again, and…”
Eric interrupts before I’m finished speaking. ”Ah! I still can't thank the Copperfields enough. I thank them of all my heart for finding me. Thanks a lot!” And with Eric’s grateful thanks, we ends this interview.

Eric Johnson, the man on the missing posters is now found. He is back home with his daughter, at last.

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