Death penalty

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Part one:

I think that death penalty not is a smart thing. Just because they have done something that not is allowed they don’t deserve to be killed. Everyone have rights to live. Maybe terrorists deserve to be killed because they kill so many, but “normal” people like smugglers and people that sells weapons and narcotics shouldn’t be killed. They should be locked into the jail.


There is no guarantee that criminals in jail not will do a new crime when they are set free, and there is a guarantee that dead people wont do it again because they are dead! But if it not was any death penalties there is not sure that people that was judged to death would do a new crime after some years in jail instead of death penalty.


I am very against it and I hope it should be forbidden soon.


Part two:

I think people often are fascinated by crime and criminals because it is something that can happen with them to. People think it’s exciting to hear about crimes. People fear that someone they know gets murdered.


It is interesting to hear about smart robbers, thieves and murders. I think people also fear terrorism since they probably are possible victims for it. People are fascinated by the techniques the criminal use.


Some people maybe know someone that is a criminal, or maybe they are criminal themselves and want to here about it.

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