The Snapper

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The topic of this book is about a woman’s life while she is pregnant. We follow her through all nine months of the pregnancy and get to know her family and her friends. Her name is Sharon and she is about 20 years old.


We follow her family with their everyday problems, her friends and how she feels about what is happening inside her. The baby’s father, George Burgess, is a person she hates. Therefor she doesn’t say who the father is. However, George tells his friends that she is a “good little ride”. This upsets Sharon and she tells him to shut up. But she is a bit to late and the rumours start to fly in the little town. Her friends stands up for her except Yvonne. George is her father and she doesn’t speak to Sharon again. Sharon has a little book about pregnancy and she reads it all the time to know what will happen to her. She is a bit afraid, but she doesn’t show it. She is the strongest person in the house and if she brakes down the whole family will break down as well. George Burgess tries to get in contact with Sharon and says he loves her. Sharon tells him to buzz off as the asshole he is and to not make a bigger fool out of himself. This is when she makes up that t was a Spanish sailor that made her pregnant. Most people believe her, but they have their doubts, but Sharon keeps saying it, hoping that the baby won’t look like George Burgess. He has fled from his family, but he comes back again after some time. His wife has figured out who he has made pregnant, but Sharon’s mother tells her to buzz off and stop saying untrue things. She also slaps her across the face. She stops putting out the rumours about who the true father is. Sharon’s father is angry at her because she says it is a Spanish sailor that is the father. He stays mad at her for some weeks, but when she talks to him she says that she is moving out. This makes him forgive her and he begs her not to move out. Actually she isn’t moving out, but she says she’ll stay.


This novel takes place in a little town called Barrytown in Ireland. It is a small community where everybody knows everybody. It takes place somewhere between 1980 and 1990. The family is poor, and has their everyday problems, but it’s working.


Sharon is about 20 years old, has a job in a shop in town and is the main character in the book. She is in a situation that may be very common for some people and we follow her as she struggles to fight off everyone that knows who the true father is. She likes to go out and have fun. There is a local bar that she and her friends like to be at. They are there almost every night, having fun.


Jimmy Sr. is Sharon’s father, he loves her and does everything to help her. He stands up for her and supports her all the time. He also likes to go to the local bar with his friends every night. He doesn’t have a job, so he stays at home all the day watching TV.


Veronica is Sharon’s mother. She tries to hold the family together. She barely manages it. She makes costumes for her twin daughters who always decides they don’t want to do it. This ofcourse upsets her, but she does manage to get everything to work anyway.


The theme in this book is a family that struggles to survive their everyday problems and to help Sharon through her pregnancy. We follow them through all nine months of her pregnancy and a few days after.


I really didn’t like this book because the language was so unusual. Irish dialect isn’t my special field. I like american english books better because I’m used to that language. If we re going to read more books I’d like to pick one myself with a language form that I like. This book was dominated by direct speaking that occurred on dialect. The parts of the book that were in plain writing was better since it was on regular english. The title “The Snapper” can also mean a person that kidnaps someone. I hadn’t seen that word in that situation before, but it worked. The author tells the story well and leads it forward in a good way.

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