"The Ocean's Daughter" (T. Angelsen)

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The Author

The authors name is Trine Angelsen. She’s born in Kabelvåg, and has lived there all here childhood. When she grew up, she moved to Fauske, where she lives today. She is married, but I don’t know if she has any children. I know she has a sister named Ann-Helen Angelsen, who lives in Bodø. Ann-Helen works on “Bodø teenage home”. She asked many companies, if they wanted to publish her book. And one of the companies said yes. And now she has published around 15 books.



Elisabeth is the main character in the book. Most of the thing that happens in the book is in Lofoten and Vesterålen, where the author grew up. Elisabeth can “see” things that other people can’t see. When she was a kid she often could see where the sheep’s was if her parents couldn’t find them. Her husband got lost on sea many years ago. Everybody thought he was dead, so Elisabeth married a new man. But 13 years later her old husband shows up. He is not dead. He just lost his memory for so many years. He has met a girl in Kabelvaag, and decides to marry that girl. The problem is just that, that girl is Elisabeth’s servant girl. Read the books and find out what she will do.


The Oceans Daughter

When Elisabeth is 16 years, her parents send her to work on Dalsrud, as a servant. There the man on the yard rapes her, and she gets pregnant. She tells her boyfriend the truth, and they decide to say that the child is his. His boyfriends name is Jens, and he is the most caring person you’ll ever find. But when he goes winter fishing, he disappears, and everybody thinks his dead, including Elisabeth. So Elisabeth’s mother and father dies, she has to take care of her little sister, Maria, and her own child, Ane. She sees no other choice than to marry Christian on Dalsrud. He is the son of the man who raped Elisabeth. But Christian doesn’t know Ane is his half sister. After 13 years Jens suddenly appears. He lost his memory when he disappeared so he didn’t remember Elisabeth. He came to Dalsrud to ask Christian if it was all right that he married Lina. Lina is one of the servants on Elisabeth and Christians farm. What will happen now? Will Elisabeth return to the man that she loves higher than everything? Reed the books and find out. I’m going to do that.


My opinion about the book

I think it’s a great book! I love it! Especially since I have lived in Lofoten for a while. Elisabeth is just the kind of girl I want her to be. She writes on her own dialect and that makes it so easy to read because I have the same dialect. And I like that she can “see” things. I’m very interested in that stuff. I can see myself in her little sister, Maria. I also like it because I know the authors sister, Ann-Helen.

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