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Ebenezer Scrooge is a cold-hearted, old creditor working in a cold office with a relative poor man called bob. It’s seven years since his partner Jacob Marley died at the same time of the year as now, Christmas. Marley was remembered as the same kind of man as Ebenezer Scrooge is; cold and stingy.



When Scrooge’s nephew asked him to join their dinner at Christmas Eve, he just refused him and said Christmas was humbug. He also refused two men who were collecting money for poor people in London. Scrooge just replied: Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses? Without thinking of what shame and how bad the conditions were there, he rejected the men and said that those who are poor can live in those dirty places.


The same evening he got visit be his dead partner, he was coming to warn him about his dead. Marley himself died without peace and became a ghost because he was a bad guy in his life. He warned Scrooge because ha didn’t want him to get the same destiny as him and he said that three spirits would visit him at one ó clock. Some hours later, at one ó clock he got visit by a ghost, the spirit of the past. He showed him the goodness of his life when ha was young and Scrooge understood how his life could be different.


He was shown his girlfriend who left him because he taught more about the money than herself. This was a result of bad choices and Scrooge wished he didn’t do what he did.


24 hours later another he got visit by another spirit, the spirit of Christmas present. He showed Scrooge different Christmas-celebrations in different years: How grateful poor people were for the little they had. His nephew who loved his uncle so much even though he rejected him and promised he would ask him for dinner every Christmas until he would say yes.


He was shown Bob’s, who worked for him, life at home. Everyone was grateful for the small turkey they had for dinner and ate happily. However, they had a little child named Tiny Tim because he was so tiny. He have probably a born sickness and eat to little food, but the family cant afford some operation or enough food at the table so they need help from some who have money. Scrooge, who have plenty of money, feel bad and guilty for this and wants to give them help, but before he can do that, he will get visit by a last spirit:


The last spirit was the spirit of Christmas, a dark “man” with a dark coat and without words. This ghost showed him the future and everybody was talking of a man who died recently, but nobody was mourning and nobody cared because the dead man never did. Who was this cold man? Scrooge always wanted to find out who he was, but when the spirit of Christmas showed him, he became shocked: At the gravestone the spirit was pointing at, was it written his name on.


He woke up in his own bed and started celebrate that he was still alive at once. He became a better man and shred his money with the poor. At dinnertime, he visited his nephew in humiliation and had his greatest evening ever with tasty food and funny games.

The end



Charles Dickens

Charlie Dickens was in his childhood in a poor family with hard conditions and he began working at a warehouse when he was 12 years old. He had to do this because his father couldn’t give food on the table after losing his job, for the Navy Pay Office, and taken to prison for debt. Even thought he was working hard at the warehouse he learned a bit about newspaper writing by watching a journalist and owner of a newspaper. This gave him a lot useful experience for doing this business himself. He gave out The Pickwick Paper in 1836 and this became his first big success.


At the same year, he also married Catherine Hogarth and got ten children before their separation in 1858. He met Catherine trough a business-partner in the newspaper company.


He wrote Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby, but his most famous work is A Christmas Carol in 1843. While writing this book he had very philosophic thoughts, mostly economic in the society. He often blamed the poorness to those who was rich and big, “stingy” companies.


He traveled around America and Europe and at the time in Europe, he got more serious. "Household Words" (1850) and "All the Year Round" (1859), are good examples of that.


His health started sinking in the 1860’s and June 9, 1870, did he die. But he will always be remembered by his books. Media has made him more famous trough movies, Disney’s cartoon-movies and Disney’s Donald Duck’s new version of his stories.

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