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A single boy from the slum, trying to get a better life. Will he succeed and be with his true love? In the film “Slumdog” we follow a boy named Jamal who needs to get through plenty of challenges. The film was released in 2008. Directed and produced by Denny Boyle and Christian Colson, with actors like Freida Pinto, Dev Patel and Anil Kapoor. The film is based on the book “Q and A”, which in turn is based on the big “Will you be millionaire?” scandal, where Charles Ingram was accused of cheating, after winning the maximum prize of 1 million. 

The film starts in the middle of many histories. Its kind of messy and you don’t understand what all the histories are about. After a while we get to know to little boys, with names Jamal and Salim. They are brothers and living in the slum with their mom. The two boys are joking around instead of being in school. A sunny day, when they are out playing, the slum where they live, was attached by a group of people with another religion. The mom of the two boys was killed and they needed to escape. On their adventure, they met many good and bad people. Many of the experiences tear on their brother relationship. We follow them along all the way to they get adults. In the beginning the brothers meets a girl with name Latika. Jamal gets a close relationship with her and gets a little attached. After a while “the three musketeers”, as they called themselves, was separated and had to overcome own issues. 

We think overall the movie was brilliant. Its shows many aspects of slums and people living there. Its heartbreaking to see what it’s like to live so unsure conditions. They don’t know if they are safe or if they are getting tricked. We think that the actors did a phenomenal job. Especially the children actors, are overall another level. Its disturbing to know that these children, still live in the slums. When it comes to the setting and scenery, we are impressed. The filming is spectacular, and we don’t want to know how they got to control all the people in all the scenes. Every setting was relevant for the movie. When it comes to the structure of the movie, it was a little bit hard to follow along in the beginning. Gradually you understand why the movie was structured that way. In between the actors, the dialog was great. They managed to get our attention, make us relate and feel compassion. 

To sum up, we think everybody needs to watch this spectacular movie. It has an important message, that everybody needs to hear and learn, and that’s to not loose hope. Even though it seems like nothing goes you way, you need to remember that: “whoever waits for something good, waits not for granted”. 

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