Of Mice and Men (1992)

Filmanmeldelse av "Of mice and men" utgitt i 1992.

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- Film release date 10/2/1992

- Genre: Drama

- Length: 115 minutes

- Screenwriter: Horton Foote

- Produced by: Russell Smith, Gary Sinise

- Directed by: Gary Sinise

- Cast: Gary Sinise, John Malkovich, Ray Walston, Casey Siemaszko, Sherilyn Fenn, John Terry, Richard Riehle, Alexis Arquette, Joe Morton

- The film is based on a novel written by John Steinbeck in the 1930s and it’s the same title as the book


In the film George (Gary) and Lennie (John) are two migrant farm workers. Lennie isn’t very smart and always getting them into trouble. The film starts with a woman running and screaming. Then you also see Lennie and George run fastest they can away from the scene. Well you can clearly understand who caused all this trouble of course it was Lennie. Lennie doesn’t understand things very well. He is large and a good worker but he is mentally undeveloped. George is taking care of Lennie as no one is available to take care of him. They were ranch workers.


Then after they escaped, they find a place where they can sleep over the night. George told Lennie: “if anything happens you have to hide in the bushes over there”. The next day they arrive to a new ranch. They are trying to work and earn money to make their dream become true. Their dream is to own a little house and a farm. It’s some people who make the goal very hard to complete at the ranch. Such as the owner’s son Curly who doesn’t like Lennie at the first sight, and his wife who seems to wander in and of the ranch all the time. Lennie gets a puppy which he plays with before his going to sleep.


Next day they were finished working and were ready to relax, someone tells curly that he can’t control what her wife is doing, and Lennie starts laughing and doesn’t stop. Curly gets angry and punch Lenny twice, George were watching the fight and tells Lennie to get him, Lennie grabs his hand and crushes it. Curly’s wife is suspicious about what happened to Curly’s hand. They said to Curly’s wife that he put his hand into a machine and it got cut. She saw the britches on his face so she knows that wasn’t true.


Then later Lennie’s puppy died, he was hiding it and Curly’s wife came in and saw it and took away the grass where he hidden it. And Lennie told Curly’s wife that he only played with it. Then she says that he can get a new one, but then he starts talking about their future in their little house. He says that if George finds out he will never let him help taking care of the rabbits. Then Curly’s wife let’s Lennie stroke her soft hair. He was stroking it and messing up the hair after a little time, she started saying that he needs to stop, but he didn’t understand it. Sadly Lennie lost control and patted her hair so hard that he broke her neck.


Curly saw her body, and get’s all the workers together to kill Lennie. Lennie had hidden in the bushes were they had agreed to meet if anything happened. George had forgiven Lennie for what he had done, and asked Lennie to look the other way. Then George shot Lennie dead with a gun. He didn’t do that for revenge. He did that because if Curly and his men found him he would have been tortured and killed.



This movie is based on a novel. This film will be good whether you have read the book or not. This movie shows that Lennie and George have a good friendship. This movie is a lot better than the 1939 and 1981 version. Although the most notable difference between the book and movie is the way Curly’s wife is portrayed. In the movie, there are some extra scenes with Curly’s wife that are not in the novel. The language like the word “Nigger” is offensive these days, but at that time it was normal to say that. This movie was made in USA, and the time they lived like this was in the 1930’s.


My opinion to this film is that the acting was great and acceptable. Lennie has a funny way to tell it with his body language. It looks like he is five years old. Sometimes the voice becomes irritating and pitchy. Another people are just acting normal and that’s a bit boring. This movie is a lot better than many of the movies out there, but it isn’t the best one. The most important message in film was “True friends are always standing together”.



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