"Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets" (J.K. Rowling)

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Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the second book about the young sorcerer Harry Potter. Harry was just a baby when Lord Voldemort killed his parents. Voldemort was an evil sorcerer who tryed for years and years to get the power of the world. But one night he got in to the Potters house. He had just killed Harrys father and was trying to kill Harry and his mother. He haddn’t thought that would be very hard because Harry was just a child and his mother was not a witch. But something strange happened when he was about to kill Harry. The spell he put on Harry rebounded on himself and he lost all his power. After that no one saw Lord Voldemort until last year when Harry prevented Vodemart from stealing the Philosopher’s Stone.


Since his parents death Harry had lived by his uncle and aunt’s house. Every automn he went to Hogvart, the school for witches and sorcerers. This year it happened strange things at Hogvart. Harry was some times hearing strange voices sayng “ ... rip... tear... kill... soo hungry... for so long... kill...time to kill..”. But he couldn’t find out were they were coming from! One day at the duelling club he found out that he could speek wiht snakes too. The worst thing which happened was an attack on to students. They were petrified, all stif and frosen. And on the wall beside them it stood: The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware”. Harry had so unluck. He was the first who had seen it and stood beside the victim when all the others studetns came to have a loock. Almost everyboby thought that was him who had attacked and that he was the heir of Zalasar Slytherin who had made this chamber when they built Hogvart. The same had happened for fifty years ago. Someone opened the Chamber of Secrets and let a kind of “monster” go around and kill people. No one knew who it was. But the Headmaster, Dumbledore, and the other theachers knew that it wasn’t Harry who had done it this time. A second year studen just couln’t do anything like that. It had to be a witch or a sorcerer who knew Dark Magic very well.


But one day a new attack occured and the victim was Hermione, one of Harrys best friend! While Hermione lied in the sickbed, Harry found a little piece of paper in her hand. She had found out that the “monster” was a snake, and it stood also where the entrance to the chamber of secrets was. Poeple had begun to be very scared by now. Just before the examen that year, Ronns sister, Gulla had been taken in the Chamber of Secrets. Everybody thought she was dead and they were going to close Hogvart so the students had to go home. That night Ron and Harry decided to go down and save Gulla.


You will find out the rest of the story if you read this fantastic book about the year Harry go down in the Chamber of Secrets.


Harry is a very curious boy and he is very courageous too. Harry Potter and the Chamber of secret is a fantastik nice book full of suspense and imaginative actions. I think this book is just as fine for children as for adults. It contain 251 sides and is written by Joanne K. Rowling. It was first published in Great Britain i 1999.

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