Being Cheryl

En bokanmeldelse på engelsk av "Being Cheryl", en uautorisert biografi om den engelske popsangeren Cheryl Cole.
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Being Cheryl is an unauthorized biography about Cheryl Cole’s life as a pop-singer. The book gives you an intimate look into her life. Immediately after you have read the first page, you definitely want to read the rest! It is packed with glossy pictures and words and sayings of Cheryl herself. If you are a hardcore fan, I recommend you to buy it!


The book begins with a really short introduction about whom Cheryl is and her job in the music industry. Then it jumps straight to the Beauty-section, where you get loads of good beauty tips that Cheryl uses herself. You can find out what hair products are, what is in her make-up bag and a short list of Cheryl’s tattoos. There is also a timeline where the author shows all of Cheryl’s hairstyles throughout the years.


After you have read about Beauty, it comes to the chapter ‘At Home’ where it stands a little bit about where she lives, her dogs and what she likes to do at home. The other chapters are about her family, style, friends, diet and exercise, social life, television, travel and music. All of the chapters are fully packed with detailed articles and interviews- and of course pictures! The last chapter is called ‘Being Cheryl’ which also is the name of the book. You get a little information about her life in the public eye and why she is loved by the British people.




My personal thought about the book:

The good thing about this book is that it is pictures on almost every page, so it is more fun to read. The book is not just text, text, a picture and then some more text. It is throughout very fun to read. There were a lot of things I didn’t even know about Cheryl before I started reading this book. Even though the book is very short (222 pages, with index) it is definitely worth the money. A book I am going to read again and again.

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