"Fireproof" av Eric Wilson

Manus til muntlig presentasjon av analyse av boka ''Fireproof''.
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The title of the book I read is fireproof.


The author of the book is Eric Wilson. He was born on november 24. in 1940 in Ontario in Canada. He has written many other book such as : Flywheel, Facing the giants and Step away. The book fireproof is based on the script on the movie.


The book Fireproof was written on the original language American, and it was published by Thomas Nelson in 2008.


Here is the summary of the book.


The book is about a fireman called Celeb, who is Catherine`s husband, who works at a hospital. Both of them works a lot and they do not sped so much time together.


Celeb saves to a sailboat, that he has dreamed about for along time, he has saved 20 000 dollars. Catherine tries so well she can to save money to her mother who need medical equipment. Celeb and Catherine becomes more and more foes into and finally sends Catherine application for divorce.


Celeb was fully in from himselves when he knew about it. In addition, there is one man named Gavin Keller who is a doctor who job in the same hospital as Catherine. He starts to use a lot of time with her.


Celeb`s father contender celeb to a 40 day challenge. Celeb uses all the money he has saved to the boat, to buy medical equipment to catherines mother.


Catherine believes it is Gavin Keller who has paid for the medical equipment and thank him. But she does not know, that Gavin Keller just paid 300 dollars, meanwhile Celeb paid the rest. Catherine finds out that it was Celeb who had paid for the medical equipment. At the end of the action Celeb and Catherine married again.


The point of view is omnicient, the narrator gives us the persons inner and outer characteristics. The narrator is outside of the narrative, but knows the persons thought and feelings.


Personal characterisstics :


Celeb jobs on a fire department and he is Catherines husband. He is a really nice and caring man. He is one of the protagonist in the book.


Catherine works in a hospital and she is Celebs wife. She is very loving and caring lady. She is also a protagonist.


Gavin keller, also known as Dr. Keller jobs at the same hospital as Catherine jobs on. He is really nice, but at the same time bad. He is the antagonist in the book.


The enviroment in this book. The story takes place mostly in Celeb and Catherine`s house, some other sites as the fire department and the hospital.


The author begins not straight to the point, but to introduce some characters at the beginning and the rest of the after each. And finally ends the book with an open ending.


Linquistic techniques :

 "The fireproof house" is seen as a metaphor, because it shows us how insecure a relationship can be.


Here is some example of descriptions in the book.


"John put on a light jacket over his shirt and followed Celeb out the back door. They funneled down the steps onto a path that eased beneath spanish oaks and draping moss."


"With his fire/rescue shirt hanging loose over his navy blue shorts, he began applying dabs and gel to his spiked hair."


My conclusion is that the book "fireproof" is a really good book. It has a strong and extremely good message. And the theme in the book, fit very well in today`s society, because it`s a appropriate theme. And the author has used many linguistic techniques, and that made the text better.

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