Enochs two Letters

Analyses av Enochs two Letters



1950-60 Nottingham, U.K




Enoch, a young boy, Jack Boden, Enoch`s father, and Jacks wife. And last but not least Enochs Grandmother.




Enoch is an 8 year old boy who lives in Nottingham. One day his parents makes a mistake.


Enochs father runs away with another woman, and only leaves a letter on the doorstep wich contains the knowlegde of his existence.


At the same time, Enochs mother has had it with her husban and decides to go and live with her sister for a while. She also leaves a letter on the doorstep.


When Enoch returnes from school, he finds himself all alone in the house.


On the one hand this is every 8 year olds dream but on the other han being alone in the house can provoke fear and courage in everyone.


And so Enochs decides to spend the night on the sofa.


The next day he is still alone, and he decides to go to his Grandmother in Netherfield.


When Enochs grandmother hears about what has happened they both returned to Enochs house. After searching the house for a while, they find the two letters on the doorstep.


Enoch had shown a lot of courage through the story, but when he discovers the letters he can only think the worst.




When young boys are confronted with prblems they show more courage then the rest of us.

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