Communism - Compared texts

Dette er en sammenligning av to tekster som begge handler om kommunisme. Den ene teksten er tatt ut fra et leksikon, den andre fra boka "Animal Farm" av G. Orwell.
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- Discuss the similarities and differences between the texts and their theme(s). Include comments on the ways the authors use elements such as structure, tone, images and other stylistic devices to communicate their purposes.


The task includes two texts, Text A from a literature novel and Text B from an encyclopaedia. I am going to look for similarities and compare them to each other.


In the first text, Text A, we read about how the “I” character holding an emotional speech, and the use of the “I” is a clear example of the personal and subjective angle in this first text. The use of “I” form is a very important to give the readers a feeling that they are “in the story”. Also the emotional aspect is an important point when talking about the personal and subjective angle, the individual has its own meanings and opinions about the animals in England and their conditions. In Text B we can see that there is a neutral and very objective meaning. It is no sort of judgement, positive or negative things said about communism. In the Text A we can see how the individual hates the humans and is trying to start a riot or a war by provoking and influence the others.


The individual in Text A, giving the speech is trying to persuade the listeners to agree with him and to simply understand him. He wants the listeners to think like he thinks, see what he sees and feel what he feel. He wants the crowd on his side, feeling miserable with him. As he says in the beginning of the speech, he is dying. The author uses this to show how the animals respect the speaker, how the animals maybe will even follow his thoughts and meanings after his death and to make the reader feel sorry for the animals. In Text B we cannot discover any feelings what so ever. It says short and accurate how the system works, nothing more, nothing less.


In Text A we can discover how the speaker appeals to change by doing the exact opposite of the Text B, the use of adjectives, negative objectives. The author uses this to let the reader more easily imagine how the animals lives. He wants to show them how miserable the animals are in their pitiful lives. The speaker wants change! It is obvious how he wants their lives to improve and their days of hard work better rewarded. The Text B does not use any kind of adjectives or words to describe how the general outcome or peoples meaning about the communistic system.


And both texts are about Communism. Or Text A uses the phrase “comrades” a lot. This is the communistic way to greet someone anywhere and it is the “base” of the whole “communistic way”. Everybody should be equal, with no reason to envy or be jealous of each other. The speaker has a dream of a better future and justice for all the animals. He explains how he wants the animals to stand up for themselves. It is in general an evaluation of the communistic system. In Text B it is on the other hand does just explain the term Communism in general. Not any opinions or meanings. Which is often the purpose with encyclopaedias.


The general purpose with Text A is the appeal to the animals and their hope of a better life. A cry out for them to take action and help themselves with their own lives by a revolution. A hope of a better live if a revolution would take place. He expresses his feelings and his attitude towards humans. The Text B is a feelingless text, which consist of information and facts about the communistic govern, the political concept of communism and the term communism.


All in all, the only thing the texts have in common is the theme that lies under both, Communism. The texts are very different and are separated by very different use of stylistic devices like I have mentioned in my comparison.

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