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Mahatma Gandhi

About Mahatma Gandhi.

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In 1869, Gandhi was borne in Porbandar, India. He was borne into a very respected family. When Gandhi was 13 year he was married to Kasturbai. When he was a youth, he was quiet and afraid, and mostly he was alone. After Gandhi had finished school in India, he moved to England, where hi study very long and hard and became a lawyer. In the court with his first case, he was so nervous that he did not manage to say a word when it was he’s turn! After those few years in England, he moved back to his mother country, India and settled down in Bombay. But soon he moved to South Africa.


On his way to Africa he found out that African people didn’t like Indies, and he was thrown of the train because he would not give his seat to a white man. Then he decided to fight for the black people rights in the world. And the most important; he would not use violence, even if his enemy did it! And trough all his life he manages to hold that promises.


Soon Gandhi became a highly respected leader of the Indians in South Africa. In Africa at that time, black people didn’t have the same right as the white people, and it was hard for Indian people to live and work there. As the rest of the Indian in Africa, Gandhi did not like this. So he started a big demonstration in 1913. He and 2.500 other Indies demonstrated against unfair laws, and that white and black should be treated the same. But police came and arrested everybody. Gandhi had to pay the police a ticket but he wouldn’t do it, and refused to pay. Because of that he was sent to an African prison. His supporters demanded that he would be released, but instead the police killed two people and hurt 20 of the demonstrates when they was demonstrating.

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