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For the first time

Novella handler om Adrian og Evelyn, og om deres første møte.

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He looked at her neck. The blond short curls were wet, and a small tear of sweat found its way down her back. She sighed, and turned around in the bed. Now he could see her pale face. The skin was white as snow, and her veins shone trough. She had the softest skin he had ever felt, and she smelled like a newborn baby. He remembered the first time he met her.


She sat in a corner in the library with a book in her hands, and looked very concentrated. Sometimes a weak smile appeared on her mouth, and her eyes were shining. He took a random book out of the nearest shelf, and pretended to be reading. He looked at her over his book. She suddenly had a small tear on her cheek.


He didn’t know how long he stood beside the shelf like that, but he just couldn’t take his eyes from her.

- Are you pregnant? She had a twinkle in her eye, but looked deadly serious.

- What? He didn’t understand the question, and couldn’t focus on anything else then her eyes.


They were shiny, and had a colour he had never seen. Green and blue at the same time, but innermost they were brown. Her pupils were big because of the bad light in the library.


She pointed at the book he was holding, and he turned red. “The guide to a good pregnancy”. Of all the books in the library, that was the one he had to pick. That’s what you call bad luck.

- It wasn’t very good planning. He smiled nervously.

- To have a baby you mean? She laughed at him.

- Yeah, my wife wasn’t quite ready for another baby. She has just recovered from giving birth to the twins.


He didn’t know anything else to do then play along. She seamed surprised over the answer, and started laughing again.

- So what’s your name, family guy?

- Adrian. But I can’t give you my last name. If you turn out to be a psycho or anything, I really don’t want you to find me. So what’s yours?

- Ok, fair enough. Mine is Evelyn. And a psycho never tells its last name.


Adrian sat down beside her, and took the book out of her hands.

- “For the first time in my life”. And what kind of book is that, Evelyn?

- It’s a very good one. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Do you want to hear the first chapter? It’s not very long. She smiled.

- I can let you read it to me, if you will go with me to the café afterwards. Adrian didn’t know how he came up with that, but it seemed like the most natural thing to ask.

- That’s fine with me. Here it goes. “For the first time in my life, I’m dying. My eyes are dry. Not a single tear has found its way out. I’m numb.”


She continued reading. Her voice was soft, and she read it like the story was about her self. He thought about how it would be like to kiss those lips. If he ever would get the chance. She looked at him.

- I’ve read that book five times before, but I cry just as much every time.

- Damn! Do you read every book that many times?

- No, that book is something special. But often I read them at least two times.

- Well, reading makes you smart. I don’t know how many times my mother has told me that. So coffee then? Adrian tried to sound like he wasn’t nervous.

- Sure. I don’t have anything better to do. She sent him a teasing smile.


They went down the sidewalk to the café. The snow was wet, and Adrian’s shoes got cold and uncomfortable. He didn’t notice. She looked like she did this every day. Going to the café with a guy she had just met. The café was nearly empty, and they sat down at a table in the corner.


They talked about everything, and neither of the two had ever met someone so alike themselves. He forgot the time; it didn’t matter. They sat there for two hours, just talking. Adrian had ordered a cup of cocoa, but had forgot to drink anything. When Evelyn said she had to go, he asked her if they could meet again. She gave him her phone number, without a word. He watched her walk out the café, and hoped she would turn around before she got out of sight.


The phone was red. And it just stood there, mocking Adrian. His guts were gone, he was sure he would make a fool of himself if he called. How could he hear her voice without starting to stammer?


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