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Eksamen i engelsk. Skrevet i 10. klasse.

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Part B


Task 3 What colours my life?

Hmmm I don’t really know what colours my life, but what I couldn’t live with is football, computer, guitar and the colour blue.


I maybe think guitar is the most important thing, when I play on it, I feel kind of relaxing. Because I get seriously angry, or stressed when I lose in games, like computer games or football. So if I lose in a football match, or in a computer game. Then I just have to sit down and play some guitar.


Football is also very important, I don’t really know what I could do without football. I’m training a lot, so I can get good. I think I love football because it’s a challenge. I just love a thing that takes some skills. But school takes skills, but I don’t love school, I don’t really know why. Maybe because it’s boring. Football is like a lot computer games, if you get really good on it. Then you can live on it. And this is because its so many people doing it. Like the best football players in the world get like 10 times more than a doctor get in a month.


But then you have to be seriously good. Many people mean that football is just stupid, they just think “Why is it so many people that is interested in 11 people that runs after a little ball”. It do really sound a little weird, that 11 people runs after a ball, but it’s a very cool sport because it requires a lot skills to get good. You need to have a good shooting foot, a lot condition, you need to think smart and you have to be good at team playing.


Many people also think that football only requires running skills and shooting skills. But it takes like 70% IQ and 30% running, shooting skills. As someone says “Play smart, go pro”.


Computer games it’s a thing many people can live on, because it requires a lot skills to get good. You have a game called counter strike, its almost like football. But you shoot with guns instead of a ball.

But the biggest reason why its like football is, because everyone thinks that it requires Aim to get good, but its 70% IQ ,20% aim and 10% timing and some team spirit. And when you need skills to get good, then you can live on it. Like the best counter strike players in the world, get almost the same money as doctors. And that’s a lot for a computer game.


When I get older I wouldn’t say no thanks to live on football and computer games. But if you want to live on it, then you have to be one of the best in the whole world.


My colour is defiantly blue, I don’t really know why, but I just like the colour. It’s maybe because I love the swim, and one of my favourite foods is Fish, and all this comes from the sea. When you look on the colour blue, you can think a lot different things. Like someone think on, Sad people, the sea, Football teams, depression and a lot more. But one of the best reasons, why I like blue, have to be because my mom always said, and still do, that she want a blue rose as a birthday gift or to Christmas. But I don’t really know where to get it, so it’s a little hard to get. I really did try to get one, but then I just bought a red rose, and painted it blue. She got very happy when she got it, but it didn’t really look that great.


But off course its more reasons why I like blue, my favourite football team was Chelsea, when I was younger. But when I got older, I found out that Chelsea was a very bad football team. So then I started to like Liverpool, and their colour is red.


Part A

Task 1

Number 1 is green

Number 2 is cool

Number 3 is grey

Number 4 is blue

Number 5 is blue

Number 6 is pink

Number 7 is white

Number 8 is secret

Number 9 is red

Number 10 is laughter


Task 2 - What is important in life?

It’s the most important because the polar bear, thinks that , that you have to be best. And then he only thinking on that he have to be whiter than anyone, so he can win every beauty contest, but then he want something better so he moves to a whiter country.


Task 3 - Blue!

In the booklet they write about blue like this. If your true blue, you are loyal and faithful. And that blue is relaxing, and I’m agree with this. Because I like blue and it’s because it’s kind of a relaxing colour and I get very fast stressed.

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