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"The Lost World" by Michael Walker

En lang bokrapport av boken:"The Lost World" av Michael Walker.

Karakter: 4 (8. klasse)

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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The title on this book is: The Lost World. And the writer is Michael Walker. This book is about 2 men and they both are on an island and there it lives many dangerous monsters. The main person’s names are George Challenger the professor, and Ned Malone the reporter.


Selve innholdet:

This story begins with Ned Malone that is the junior reporter of the Daily Gazette. He got a job to interview a famous zoologist that name George Challenger. He had discovered some wild unknown animals in South America. At the first meet with hem, he attacked Ned because he did understand that Ned was a reporter. And he hated reporters, but they get agree with the things when the police man came.


So George says to Ned that he will tell him about his secret if he didn’t tell anybody else of it. And Ned answered yes, and the professor began the long story. He says: I made this trip to South America for 2 years ago. To study the animals, he was writing a book. And the natives asked if he will go to help a man who was very ill, but when George came there he was all ready dead. And he looked in his bag and there it was a sketchbook with pictures, it was a picture of: “It’s a type of dinosaur called the Stegosaurus” The man must have seen it and drawn it down. And he can prove that is was true because it was a bone that was from a foot, a very big foot to! And it was a picture, and a little part of the bird’s wing.  Then they got 2 others men to go with hem to the island, and it was: Summerlee, Roxton and Challenger. And they went to their island, and they did also have a convolute with them. But when they open the convolute it was just an empty white paper in it. They have been fooled! Then they went on they journey, on the 4 day they got to a small village where they bought 2 canoes. And then they get to the jungle! And it lives wild Indians that play drums and make noises in the forest, and the drums are saying: We will kill you if we can. We will kill you if we can. We will kill you if we can!! Challenger was afraid, but they didn’t see any Indians. After many days they started to walk, and they came to a sort of jungle-bamboo! The newt morning they climb a lot, and they did meet a 20 meter long cliff, and they take a tree so they can climb over to the other side by that. When they come on the other side and they walk for some minutes they come to some type of dinosaur things, and the adults where 7 meters tall, and the baby’s where bigger that elephants!


And some kilometres away they see some bird-like monsters, and the bird started to attack us! But Lord John shot one and it fell on the grown and the others attacked it, which was clean luck! All that was tired so they went back to Fort Challenger. And we tried to sleep, but we heard a scream, and it screamed for like 5 minutes! And it stops, suddenly we hear breathing and feet outside near our camp but Lord John jumped out with a burning branch so the monster with the green eyes disappeared. At the morning they found blood outside our camp because the monster had killed some other animal. Now everyone wanted to go home, and they must find a way to get home. So Challenger climb up a tree, and it was enormous high! And suddenly he knows that he wasn’t alone in this tree, it was a kind of ape-men ore something. Ant that night Challenger could not sleep, s he take a walk outside, and he had a strange feeling of something following him. E turned around and a monster was behind him! He started to run and run so amazing fast! And the monster was still hunting me, and I run to the camp but it was no other there. But I fall to sleep because I was too tired, and suddenly Lord John woke me, he sad: “Come on! Hurry! Pick up rifles, ammunition, and food! Quick! We have no time to lose!”


I did all that and I came, the ape-men attacked them last night and they did take Challenger and Summerlee. They were going to kill them by throwing then out of the cliff, but we started to shot them down, and the ape-men run away. They did say to the others that “we had better get as fast away from here as possible” and they agreed on that! And we went back to the Indians and all of them were happy to see they friend again, so we went to get back. But the chief of the Indians wanted to go back and fight the ape-men, so we did that. We had over 400 Indians with us to fight them ape-men down to the grown!! They had no chance!  We stayed for the Indians for some weeks and we did that because we can see how they lived and that kind of stuff. And we told everyone there about the store of the island. And the long story ends with that a bird flew out the window and never comes back again.


My meaning:

I think that this book was all right. It has been better if it was a little laughing in it but it was a great book. Because it is a mix, and it has a little of everything.

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