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Summary of Adrian Mole

Summery of the movie 'Adrian Mole'.

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This is some of the things that happens in the movie and in the story.


Adrian is an English boy. He is 13 ¾ year old and deeply in love with Pandora. It`s just one problem; his best friend Nigel are dating her. But after a while Pandora choose Adrian instead. He write a lot, specially poem and in his diary. His parents is not very kind against him. After a while they are getting divorced and his mother moved to another place with her neighbour, Mr Lucas. Adrian don’t like that very well, not his dad either who started to drink. After a while Adrian’s dad loose his job and hi is unemployed.


Adrian is good at school, but hi have a problem. A big boy are after him to get his money. One day Adrian came to school whit red socks. That’s not legal and hi was sent home from school by the principal. Pandora don`t like that very much and gather some people to demonstrate against that stupid rule. The demonstration ends with suspension of all the people with red socks. Adrian is a nice guy and hi visited an old man lot. His name was Mr. Baxter and hi was really old.


Since he was very old he was placed in a house with very old people. There was almost just women there. It was one man, but he died after a while. One day some new people from India moved in to the neighbourhoods. Mr. Baxter was very good at speaking indium and moved in with them, but he had to move when the only man in th e house left back to India. Mr. Baxter couldn’t live in the house with only ladies. When Mr. Baxter came back to the place with the old people, he meat a very nice ladie. The merried… Pandora, Adrians girlfriend, was very keen on horses. She just loved them. She had a ponny, but her father sold it.


Pandora went to Tunisia on holiday. Adrian missed her a lot when she was gone, but she sent him a lot of postcard and Adrian called her. Adrian didn’t care about the price. It is very expensive to call to Tunisia and his father was very angry when the bill came. He couldn’t afford it.


One time Adrian thaught i should die. He was at the hospital to remove his tonsils. His mother wcame to town when he was “sick”.

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