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Bulls eye

A creative writing task from vgs 1.

Karakter: 5/6

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“I should go. It`s my fault, I did it, no one else but me. I really should go, however I don’t want to. It seems like years ago Tom and I sat in the car and in quiet happiness, on our way to the mountains, even though it was just this autumn vacation.”


The smell in the car was familiar, but still there were something different about it.  For the first time the smell of hound, weapon-oil, blood and flayed grouses excited me so much. And for the first time I was going to carry a weapon and shoot all by myself. I had of course shot on shooting courts before, so I wasn’t a bad shooter, this was only the first time hunting with a shotgun.


“This year I will have the most birds on my backpack, no matter what the cost”, I told myself encouragingly. After a lifelong friendship I was able to tell that Tom was just as excited as me, yet I would not let him beat me at this. Even if he tried until he was blue in the face, I was going to shoot more birds than him, no matter what the cost.

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