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Home alone

En helt grei spøkelseshistorie.

Karakter: 4+

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It was a September, the moon was shining throw the windows. There was a very stormy that night. It was raining too. Linda was home alone with some friends this night. Linda was a 14 years old girl from England. She is living in London and she loves it. But one day she got really scared…


Like I said earlier, Linda was home alone with some friends and this night seemed to be totally different from other days. One of Linda’s friend, Jacob, was an very superstitious person. He meant that if there was full moon, something could get very wrong. He didn’t know what, but something was going to happen.


Linda and her friends were sitting in the living room, playing poker and other board games together. They were laughing so much together. Suddenly, they heard something strange outside. Linda ran straight to the window, and there she saw something. A man and a woman walked throw the garden with big swords and armours, or in other words, they fly. They had no legs either. In front of that, both of them were lucid. “Hey, guys! Look, there is someone outside! Strange people actually!” Linda whispered. When they came over to her, there wasn’t anyone there.


Linda and hers friends ran out. There wasn’t even a footprint in the mud. They tried to go the same way as Linda had seen them go a couple of minutes earlier. There was a hopeless search.


Later, they tried to explain to Linda’s parents that they had seen two ghosts, walk through the garden last night. Surprisingly they believed her. They told her that they had seen something which was just like Linda described them. It seemed to be Linda’s great grand grand grandparents… And theirs dog, Snoopy.


Next day, they tried find out more about them. At last they found something in the loft. They found a book with some very interesting stuff. A myth said that many years ago, there had been a castle, right were Linda’s house were. It had been hundreds of wars too. The myth says that many ghosts has moved back to theirs “home place”. That was everything they found out.


About a week later, they’ve almost forgot what had happened. But when Linda and her parents sat down, just relaxing on the sofa, they heard something strange outside. It seemed to be a lot of ghosts, fighting with swords and big armours! Linda didn’t know what to do. Suddenly some of the ghosts ran towards theirs house. Linda started crying. She was so scared. The ghosts were running around inside the house, destroying everything. They were going nuts! Linda, her mum and dad, ran into the kitchen and locked the door. Even so, the ghosts just “went through” the walls. Linda’s father tried to knock it out, but he just hit right throw him! There wasn’t anything they could do. The ghosts didn’t want to hurt somebody of the “real human being” Linda thought. In a few hours with screaming and some massive ghost-murders” the ghosts suddenly vanished. Include the dead bodies.


Next day, When Linda wake up, she was just like deathly pale. Her mum came in and said: “Have you seen a ghost or something?” Her mum and dad told her that she had made some strange noises. They also told her that she had been screaming a lot. Then she found out she only bad been dreaming…

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