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Short about New York.
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Where would you like to go if you should take a trip to the USA? I think it’s natural to start the trip in New York. The city which never sleeps. There’s almost nothing that you can’t get bought in New York. It is the biggest city in the USA, and the most fascinating too. It is called the big apple. This is the most multicultural city in the whole world. Here you have one citypart for the black, one for the Spanish, one for the Chinese, one for Norwegians, and so on.


New York is often called a big melting pot, or a salad bowl. That’s because it’s filled with immigrants from all over the world. There’s a lot of crime in New York. For your own safety you must never walk alone in New York by night. Especially not in places as Bronx. It is a city part where many black people live. It’s even dangerous to walk or drive there in daylight, for white people. Central Park is a big park where very many people walk when it’s daylight. At night it is a resort for murders, alcoholics and other sorts of scoundrels. Then I guess I don’t have to tell that it’s very dangerous there at night.


The statue of liberty is a world known monument for peace and liberty. It was a gift from the French people and is about 70 metres high. On the top of the statue there is a restaurant that turns 360 degrees pr. hour. It is the first many immigrants see when they sail into the harbour of New York.


«New York never sleeps». The streets are filled with people day and night. The financial centre of New York is Manhattan. It is a island in New York with big skyscrapers. The biggest of them all in N.Y. is Empire State Building. It is the second tallest skyscraper in the USA, only a big one in Chicago is taller.


If you want a tasty meal you should go to the Chinatown. They serve very good food there and the chefs are very good too. You can get almost everything to eat there, so be careful with what you’re saying. Chinatown is very similar to cities in China. Chinatown only looks a little more modern. Almost everywhere in Chinatown you can see dragons. Not real dragons, but dragons painted on walls, or made of paper or something. Sometimes when you walk in Chinatown you meet large processions with inhabitants disguised as a big dragon. I don’t know why, but I do know that dragons are very special for them.

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