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Eats or west, home is best

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Ida is a 15-years-old girl that has some problems both at school and at her home. She had troubles with her writing and reading and therefore she got “teased” by her “class mates”. Her parents were divorced and she lived with her mom, but Ida did not like her mother’s new friend. She felt like nobody in the world liked her, so one day she ran away to Oslo.


She took the bus to Otta, and from there she took the train.


Her father lived in Oslo. But when she reached her father’s house, nobody opened the door. She looked in one of the windows, and there she saw him in bed with a woman who was 15 years younger than him. Ida ran away screaming.


She had no money and therefore she had to sleep on the streets, she thought she was about to freeze to death. The next day she met a few people, and they helped her through the next few days. After some days with them she started with drugs to forget her sorrows, and after a week or so she had to prostitute her self. After that day her life was a living hell. Every single crown she earned she had to us on drugs and alcohol (and a bite of food).


When she “worked” she had to wear the sexiest clothes she had, even if it was a freezing hell. The only men who were interested in her were the fat ugly ones, and that did not make her more happy. She was beaten by some, and nearly died sometimes from the beating. Sometimes she took overdoses of drugs and was sent to the hospital, but each time she survived.


One day she decided to go home again. She could not stand the life she had at the moment. She longed after her mother. She had to hide away some of the money she got her hands on. And after some days she had enough money for the bus home. When she showed up at home, her mother cried of happiness, and so did Ida and her father (he had moved in with his wife again). All of a sudden they were one happy family again.


She told her parents all of the things she had done to survive: They could not believe the things they heard. Their daughter, a prostitute.


Before she started at school again she had to come up with some sort of an explanation. She told them that she had taken herself some time away from school and that she felt much better now that she had rested for a while. The people at school believed her and everything got on much better than before she had left.


She said to herself one day: “Eats or west, home is best”.

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