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Diktene mine

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I Dont Now What I Should Do, My Feelings And Toughts Confuses Me.

Am I In Love Or Not? I Dont Even Remember The Last Time That I Understood My Own Feelings.

Sometimes I Just Want My Feelings And Toughts To Go Away And Never Come Back.

But How Can Somebodoy Live Without Feelings And Toughts?

I Hate It, How Can I Fall In Love Or Be In Love When I Cant Even Understand My Own Feelings?



She Is So Pretty, I Think Of Her Almost All The Time, I Want To Be With Her All The Time. She Gives Me This Lovely Feeling, When I Am With Her It’s Like I Am In Heaven. But My Feelings And Tought’s Confuses Me. I’m Not Sure If I Like Her Or Not. And I Dont Want To Heart Anyone. Especially Not Her.


I Laugh Of Things I Care About, I Act Like I Don't Care About Things I Do Care About, I Act Like An Asshole Just To Protect My Feelings, So People Don't Find It Easy To hurt Me, Only Beacuse My Own Feelings Scare Me And I Can't Put Word's On My Tought's And Feelings. But In The End The Only Thing I Do Is Making The Scars In My Heart Bigger And More Painfull

Every One Has A Big Fight Going On All There Life.
A Fight Between Right And Wrong.
A Fight Between Toughts And Feelings.
A Fight Between Love And Hate.
All These Fight's Are Connected In One Way Or Another.
This IS A Fight No One Has Won And A Fight No One Will Ever Win.
Beacuse Who Can Fight LOve, Wrongness Or Feelings?.
Who Has The Right To Fight Against Life Itself?


I Woke Up One Day And Felt Like Hell.
I Walked Out Of MY Room,
I Saw My Mother Dress'd Up In Black Clothes, And Her Eyes Was Red And The look In Her Eyes Was Pure Sadness.
I Asked Her What Was Wrong But She Didn't Even Notice Me,
Like I Wasn't There.
I Walked Into The Kitchen, I Saw My Stepfahter,
He Was Dress'd To And his Eyes Was The Same As My Moter's Eyes. Pure Sadness,
Even My Little Brother Was Dress'd And His Eyes Was Just The Same.
I Asked Him What Was Wrong But Not Even He Notice'd Me.
I Was Like A Ghost For Them.
They Walked Up To The Church, I Followd Them Up.
They Walke'd Into The Church, And I Right After Them.
When I Got In I Could See Everyone In My Family,
And Everyone Was Dress'd In Black And Everyone Was Crying And The Look In Their Eyes Was Pure Sadness.
I Couldn't Understand What Everyone Was So Sad About.
I Saw A Chest On The Right Side Of The Priest,
I Ran As Fast As I Could To The Chest.
I Walked Slowly The Rest Of The Way To The Chest, I Looke'd Slowl'y Ower And Into The Chest,
I Couldn't Belive Who I Was Looking At. I Rubbed My Eyes And Looke'd Again.
I Still Couldn't Belive It, I Was Looking At,
I Was Looking At ME                  


Love Is The Most Beautiful Thing In The World, But Sometimes It Is Also The Most Painful Thing In The World. When You Feel Like Hell And You Just Want To Die, People Who Loves You Cher You Up And Make You Happy. But The People You Love And Care About Are The One’s That Can Hurt You The Most.



Many People Say That Love Is The Best Thing In The World, I Won’t Say That They Are Wrong But You Cant Call Love A Thing Because Love Is So Much More Than That.

Love Is Feelings, Love Is The Most Important Feelings In You’re Life.

Love Cannot Be Controlled, You Cannot Decide Who You Wanna Love.

Love Does Not Disappear, It Sometimes Get’s Forgotten But It Will Always Be There.   

Love Is Youre Life



The Eyes To A Person Can Tell You A lot. You Just have To Look Close Enough. Person’s Often Hide Their Feeling’s. They Can Laugh And Have Fun. But What They Really Are Doing Is Hiding Their Feelings. But If You Look Close Enough In Their Eyes You Can See That They Are Sad Deep In Their Heart. The Key To A Person Heart Goes Thru The Eyes.



I Do Not Fear Death. I Don’t See The Reason Why. Death Will Come To All Of Us One Day. There Is No Point Of Fearing Death. How Can You Live Your Life If You Fear Death?


I Do Not Care How My Life End’s Up As Long As All Of The People I Care About Is Happy. My Life Is Fucked Anyway. If I Got One Wish, I Would Have Wished That All Of My Friends Would Be Happy. That Is The Only Thing That Matters For Me In Life.


What I Show Is Not What I Fee. When I Am With Others I Act Like A Clovn So People Can Laugh Of Me. Because Who Will Think That The Funny One Has Problems And Scars In His Heart. Scars That Never Goes Away. They Only Get Bigger And More Painfull. One Day My Heart Will Break Into Thousand’s Of Pieace’s And I Will Lay Down Forever And Ever



The Biggest Problem In My Life Is My Own Feelings And Thought’s. I Don’t Understand My Own Feelings Or Thought’s . It’s Like They Are Fighting Against Me And Trying To Break Me Down. I’m Not Sure Of What I Feel Or Not, Or What I Am Thinking.

Sometimes I Feel Like I Just Want To Lay Down And Die So All Of My Problems Just Goes Away. Sometimes I Get So Mad I Act Like A Reel Asshole, And Threat My Friends Like Shit.

I Don’t Want To It But I Cant Help It. I Just Goes Around Being Mad At Everyone Without Any Reason. And When Back To “Normal” I Feel Like Shit.



Why Is Life So Hard? Why Do Life Has To Be So Complicated? Why Is Life So Unfair? Who Can Ever Have The Answer To Does Questions? No One Has The Right To Play God And Say That They Have Does Answers. Bad Things Happens To Good People. Who Has The Answer On Why That Happen? No One. The Closest Answer Any One Can Give You Is That Life Is Unfair.

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