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Kids - summary

About the book and the film.

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  • Telly: On the outside, Telly is the kind of teenage boy any mother might let her daughter go out with. He look "normal" - whatever that means - and can be polite and sincere when it brings him an advantage and suits him. But Telly is an inveterate liar. He would say or do anything to satisfy his addiction to deflower virgins girls ("They are gonna remember you because you were the first"). Sexually unengaged girls present the greatest challenge to him and, as some kind of bonus, are guaranteed disease free. He’s only motivation is lust and he’s propelled by it like some kind of heat-seeking missile. Or as he says at the end of the movie: "Fucking is what I love. Take that away from me and I really got nothin."
  • Casper is Telly’s best friend. He’s as much into drugs and alcohol as into sleeping with girls. Unlike Telly, his partners don’t have to come out with their hymens being intact but he’s not concerned about the future or the consequences of his actions. He takes life as it comes, whether that means raping a stoned girls, inhaling dope, or beating someone half to death.
  • Jenny: She is a former conquest of Telly, the only boy she ever had (unprotected) sex with. When her HIV test comes back positive, her whole life collapses around her and nothing seems to make sense anymore. Her best friend Ruby has had sex with at least eight guys and yet, tested negative. She now tries to track Telly down to tell him her "news".

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