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Choices in life

En oppgave om hvordan mennesker foretar valg i hverdagslige problemstillinger.

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Every day in life we meet obstacles, which can be dealt with in many different ways, each time we meet one of these obstacles we make a choice. Sometimes we have to think for a long, long time before we decide and sometimes it feels like we don’t think at all. But no matter what choice has been made the consequence is soon to come. Everything we do starts with the decision to do it and ends with the consequence of what’s done.


When we make major decisions we usually look at the aspect of both consequences. A large decision is for example switching schools. Every person my age has to do it now. We are all looking at different schools and trying to find out which one is suitable for us. This is a hard decision because there are so many options and it has such a big impact on the rest of our lives. The more the alternatives, the more difficult the choice. The difficulty of choosing the right school comes from fear. We are afraid of the consequences that may come from choosing the wrong school. We are striving to do the right thing. I think doing the right thing is human instinct, which is one of the reasons we have so much trouble making large decisions. It’s a good thing that we think through our actions though, because if we didn’t we would get too many bad consequences. Sometimes I feel like not making the decision at all would be the best for me. I procrastinate because I am scared to do something wrong. But I know that I will have to decide in the end, no matter what. The strongest principle in human growth lies in choice- George Eliot said that. It means that to grow mentally you have to make decisions, which I think is true.


An easy choice is the kind we make without even recognizing that we made one. The kind, where you choose to take a sip of water. You have the option not to, but you do it. Simply because you want to and you see no reason not to. Decisions like these have consequences also, but they are not always as easy to see. You may spill, you may choke or seemingly nothing could happen. But if you can’t see the consequence it is there anyway.


It’s early morning and your alarm clock is ringing. It’s still dark except for the small ray of light that comes from the opening in the curtain. The ringing is like an itch you can’t scratch. You lie in your bed and stretch. The alarm keeps on ringing and you know that if you don’t get up you will be late for school, but the thought of just sleeping in is so wonderful. You have two options and you know exactly which one you should choose, but you are tired and you really want to sleep. Your eyes are dry and heavy and keeping them open hurts. Your conscience tells you to get up but your mood tells you to switch off the alarm and go to sleep. You fight with yourself a while until finally your mood wins and you fall asleep. You miss a whole day of school and your parents are angry with you. You regret not having the strength to pull yourself out of bed that morning. Moods can often make you do the wrong thing, like the tiredness did in this example.


Regret is what happens when you feel you make the wrong choice. Many people act irrationally out of selfishness or anger, in most cases they regret afterwards. Sometimes people regret small things they have done also. I think that regretting things we have done in our lives is a waste of time. Every mistake and wrong choice we take make us who we are and teach us what is right.


Often I think about how many things I can do if I want to. I feel like nobody can control me and I can do what I want. I can sit and stare at a glass of water, and think I can shatter that glass if I want to, nobody can stop me. Which is true, but I don’t shatter the glass anyway. This is because I see no reason to do it. I do not get anything out of shattering the glass. But it’s interesting because if I do shatter the glass someone could say, “You have to pick that up”, but the thing is; I don’t have to do anything. Nobody can make me pick the glass up, not even if they hold a gun to my head. Though I probably would pick up the glass if somebody threatened me I wouldn’t have to, because I am in control of my own body. In the end I choose not to shatter the glass, but knowing I have the power to do it is a good feeling. It makes me feel like I am my own person and nobody can make me do anything. I think this feeling causes many problems in our society. It’s almost scary, because it shows that people who just don’t care could do anything.


Humans almost always have the right intentions, but sometimes things get in the way of doing the right thing. Like anger, fear, carelessness and many other feelings or mental disorders. Some people do the wrong thing on purpose, seeking attention or help. All in all everything we do is a choice, and there will always be a consequence no matter what.

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