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A broken down angel

Historie om livets skyggesider.

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Punks with cockscomb and full metal jackets
My personal opinion on this case is that punks should be allowed to be punks. Each generation have its own style and way to live. You can’t deny the youth to be themselves; this would result in a new generation of country-loving nutcase’s adults. Which I think we already had one generation to many of right?

If you want your guardians to allow you to express in whatever way you want. Ask them, challenge them, torture them until you get an answer how their parents reacted when they found out their children listened to Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, The Doors, Led zeppelin and so on.

Their parents would scream shout tear their hair out cry over how their small angel children could be seduced by this devil music. And still your parents as the tiny evil creatures they are sneak away listen to the music they thought fit to them best. There loving helpful careful parents thought they kids had become mentally deranged. When they wore “cool” outfits and listened to “cool” music.


And now maybe you will be allowed to listen to the music you want to listen to ;) Just ask they are not that evil sly monsters you think they are (or at least most of them have a tiny bit of goodness far down into the abyss of their heart).

They might even remember how it was like to be a kid back in the stone ages.

Just a bird that have lost its wings
(Broken down angel by Nazareth)

Red strings of the cotton maze of life.

She stretched after her shoes which lay deep bellow her bed. Her tendons were getting weak and tired so it was a real paint to get them. Just a few more inches now. She though. Her wrinkly arm grabbed her old shoes and pulled them out of the darkness. She had to get down to the weekly reading cult down the street in the old retirement center. She limped her way down the stairs saying: “pfftt I don’t need no nurse to watch my back I can walk just fine”. Her bones threaten to fail beneath here there she walked down the stairs in the old and outworn apartment building.

She limped her way down the street against the old homeless area a homeless cached her eyes sitting there in the shadows. He held out a half a caffeine cup which she knew was not for drinking from. He must be a drug addict she sighted but now she stopped slowly because the ray of light just hit the homeless eyes. Deep below the unshaved face, the eye browns that sack down into his face She saw two burning eyes of passion. She then shook her head and moved. She must have been dreaming oh it was nearly reading time she nearly forgot. She limped the fastest she could and displaced the memories of the homeless the best she could.

“Mommy mommy do we get to see the alien today?” Little George jumped up and down in an incredible speed while napping his mom’s shirt. “Sure you get to see the alien today”. His mom smiled still amazed by her son’s vivid imagination. I’m sure he is there just as normal”. Johanna struggled with getting the sugar-addicted boy dressed. The homeless that George had talked about had been there as long as George had gone to kindergartens. Four whole years he had been there.

As they walked down the street the sugar loosened its grip on George’s body. Shyly walked he behind his mother staring into the black asphalt cowered in chewing gum. “There is your alien”. Said Johanna to George. He sat in the shadows. He held out a half a caffeine cup, which she knew was not for drinking of. 


He must be an alien! Thought George. Slowly he stopped because the ray of light just hit the homeless eyes. Deep below the unshaved face, the eye browns that sack down into his face. She saw two burning eyes of passion. George was sure the alien was trying to brainwash him and he pulled his mother as hard as he could to get moving again. She didn’t pay much attention since she tried to see how she looked in reflection of a Chinese restaurant.

Brian tried his new suit for the meeting later this day. He though he was fabulous hunk but, he had to get a new dress it didn’t look as good as he did. It was a rather important meeting he had later this day and nothing had to be imperfect. He looked through is papers one last time. Luckily they were all there. He had a major idea about building more kindergartens around England to allow every single kid a happy future and was at this moment half an hour from putting the idea on the mayor’s desk.

He happily strolled down the street unluckily he had to walk through the homeless alley. He then saw a man sitting halfway into the shadows. He held out a half a caffeine cup, which he knew was not for drinking of. “He must be a lazy son of a bi…” He said angrily but then he stopped slowly because the ray of light just hit the homeless eyes. Deep below the unshaved face, the eye browns that sack down into his face. She saw two burning eyes of passion. He then shook her head and moved on it was nearly time for the meeting. He hurried on and displaced as good as she could the memories of the homeless.

She woke up from the sweetest dream she ever had. She rolled around in bed and slowly she gleamed against the alarm clock 8.13. She screamed so loudly that her facemask just shattered into pieces. She had to get down into the beauty shop to get her weekly beauty culture. She tried to fit into the 3 sizes to small pants and at the same time getting a fair dose of makeup on her face to hide the wrinkles on her chin. She jumped into her high-heeled shoes and then she click clacked her way out the door.

Her bottom hurt as hell but she moved down the street as fast as her high-heeled shoes allowed her to. She went through the homeless area since the beauty shop ironically lay beside the “homeless zone” She walked on and then her eyes fell on a hand which pointed out of the dark. He held out a half a caffeine cup which she knew was not for drinking of. “He must be a bit underdeveloped as she could not get a job she said” sorrowful but, then she stopped slowly because the ray of light just hit the homeless eyes. Deep below the unshaved face, the eye browns which sack down into his face. She saw two burning eyes of passion. She then shook her head and moved on it was nearly time for the Extreme Fake over. She hurried on and displaced as good as she could the memories of the homeless.

He woke up the cold had his left arm numb and the beard had got a white spark caused by the biting cold. His body hurt when he tried to move it. Slowly and carefully he sat up and leaned against the red brick wall. His breath made small clouds, which quickly vaporized.

He wondered how his life had turned into this way. He had nearly gotten straight 5vs at school. Unfortunately He had been born on the wrong side of the river. His family was poor and most of them worked at the local paper mill. His parents just made enough to feed the 5 small mouths and could not afford him a higher education. Therefore at the age of 16 he started working as a full time employer at the paper factory.

There he worked for 5 years supporting his parents, which had got disablement from the long and tough work at the paper mill.

One day the mayor said the paper mill did not make enough money so they would tear it down and build a kindergarten as a research project but basically the mayor just did it to raise his popularity a few percentages for the election.

Every day now for the last 4 years, he had lived a life of what other people threw in the trashcans. He had begged for money now and if possible made less money than he did at the paper mill. Even though his life seems as black as Satyricon he didn’t give up. As for now a young blonde walked past here to get to the beauty shop down the street. His eyes moved from the dirty street to the Rolex clock he found. 8.00 She always used to walk past here at precisely eight a clock. His only bright moment each week was to smell her jasmine perfume, hear the click shoes and see the long blonde hair of hers.


He thought that no one cared about an old man begging for cash in the dark.


Of sins and sorrows
It was time for the reading cult again old miss had forgotten why she even bothered humping down there once a week. They just talked about one of these new popular books. Which she didn’t even bother reading? Aliens have invaded Earth. Hitching in outer space. Is the moon made out of wenslayde cheese? When is there going to be a person with a normal problem which don’t have to babble all about it to strangers and shrinks.

This sudden negativity could possible have something to do with a mixture between drinking to much whisky the night before, have a bad leg combined with trying to reach the shoes beneath the bed. She finally got dressed and limped her way to the old retirement senter once again. Halfway there she stopped was there something she had forgot? She always did things 100percent as last time. Still something was different. The homeless she saw left and there was nobody sitting in the shadows just darkness left. 


She asked herself how well she knew this homeless and a straight answer no sugar added was that she didn’t know him at all. Still she felt sorry for him when he was gone.

“Mommy mommy do I get to see the alien?” He once again jumped up and down dragging in her mother’s pants. She reminded herself once again never to feed the little monster with sugar ever again. “Well sure you do you little scamp”. After an intense struggle she managed to dress little George then she took a deep breath and though a collar would not be such a bad idea after all.


They walked closer to his kindergarten, which luckily was not so far away since they have demolished an old paper mill. Mommy where is the alien? Johanna got a bit knocked of by this unusual question. She looked around and just as the boy said the homeless had magically disappeared. She knew she had seen him sitting in the shadows beside the trashcan just a week ago. Strangely she missed his nearness. She hadn’t taken bigger notice of him than an ant but now he was gone she felt something was missing. For the first time she thought about how though the life of homeless must had been.


The magnificent businessman (in is own eyes) stood in front of the mirror as usually. He was this - close to get a contract. The mayor liked his idea but, he had to think about for a week so now, a week later he was heading for his office once again. He got a brand new slick suit for the occasion, which suited his personality. And Gucci shoes hand made by some midgets in a foreign country.

He strolled down the stairs out of his apartment, which was even bigger than his ego. He passed through the homeless area and at once he knew something was changed. He looked suspicious around and wondered if they had opened a shop for these lazy peoples or at least something had changed.


He didn’t see the man with the caffeine cup there were just blackness left where he used to sit on his bottom not doing a sole useful thing. But, then he wondered if this homeless person really was all that bad, when he reflected back at him he seemed like an ok fellow. A strange idea struck him. He thought about offering the homeless a job if he saw him again (which unfortunately for both the homeless and the businessman he never did again).

She woke up in her big pink bed. Turned around and looked at her brand new alarm clock. 7.30 plenty of time to get up have a shower and get dressed in her way to small dress. Still something seemed to miss. After she had put on some makeup and taken a “quick” shower she went out. She moved down the street and spontaneous she bought a black rose. She didn’t quite understand why she did it but she knew she would need that rose. She got round the corner to the homeless area and her heart sunk in her thin body,


The homeless was gone she always felt sorry about that homeless he seemed so helpless in the big world but, she decided that if she ever saw him again she would spend fashionable dinner on him (but neither she saw the homeless again). She left the black rose just where the homeless used to sit.

A few days later and a couple of blocks down a man picked up half a caffeine cup from the river.

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