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My trip to London

Kladden til en engelskoppgave om en tur til London.

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I'm sitting here on a plane, on my way to London. Some months ago, I won a trip for two in a lottery. I brought my best friend Gustav. He's 14 just like me. I know it is kind of illegal to travel without a guardian when you are only 14 years old, but the lottery organizers had planned every detail and made agreements with people following us.


Almost as soon as I got aboard I fell asleep, so I don't remember any more of what happened on the plane. I woke up by Gustav yelling: Look, I can see London!!! I looked out of the windows and, yes. I could see it all from here.

It is wonderful, I said.

I agree, Gustav answered.


As soon as the plane was safely on ground, me and Gustav ran out of it and into the Airport. London Heathrow Airport was amazing. It had all kinds of shops, mostly shops for women, but also gaming shops and toy stores. Our guide said that we had to hurry if we were going to catch the train. We ran out of the airport and to the to the underground station. From there we took the bus to the five star hotel called “Hotel Blakes” to get something to eat. After a good dinner, the guide told us to follow her. We were going sightseeing in one of the famous red buses. We drove past Big Ben, The Bishopsgate Tower, Leadenhall Tower and the egg-shaped Swiss Re tower "the gherkin". The trip ended with the Tower of London. It was a great view. After this, we took the bus back to the hotel again. We were very tired, and went to bed.


The next day we travelled to The Museum Of London. It has over 1,1Million objects! The museum comprises a series of chronological galleries containing original artefacts, models, pictures and diagrams. I learned a lot of things at this museum. Gustav was very fascinated by the old swords and the other middle-age weapons.


We also visited the world famous Speakers Corner. We saw a lot of weird people there. With all kinds of possible costumes. I listened to some of the speeches, one weirder and crazier than the other. Today's last trip went to Madame Tussauds. It's a famous wax museum in the middle of London. It was set up by wax sculptor Marie Tussauds. It was a lot of wax-dolls there, like Britney Spears, Adolf Hitler, George W. Bush, Charlie Chaplin and so on. They all looked like if they could wake any minute, it was kind of scaring. We spent a lot of time at Madame Tussauds. We bought some pizza at the restaurant there so we didn't get hungry. Some hours later it was time to head to the hotel again. We all agreed that this was the best day ever. Again, we went to bed, with our mind filled with thoughts.


I wake up to my last day in London. It was sad to think about leaving this beautiful place, but i also wanted to get home, to tell my parents about the experience. So after a quick breakfast, we went on the bus to the airport again. When i entered the plane i thought if i ever was going to see this city again.

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