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Du er her: Skole > Money makes no happiness, love does

Money makes no happiness, love does

Penger er som kjent ikke det viktigste i livet. Skriftlig eksamen fra 10. klasse.

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in a happy, prosperous home? How it’s like to be able to buy whatever you wish for, and all your life you don’t have to do a thing? Well, I can tell you how it was like to live in that “paradise”. I was born into a home with a lot of money and “happiness”. I grew up in the hands of a babysitter, I have been alone for my whole life, and the only time I saw my parents were at the nights when I cried my eyes out because of blue monsters in my nightmares.


For all my life I have been walking around in pretty clothes, I have swimming pool in the garden, and my own castle for playing at the backside of the house. All the children who went past the house with their skipping-ropes, stared at me with an awful look. They were jealous, and I got sad. I had always wanted to have my own dirty skipping-rope, but my mom thought that it was a stupid toy, that only the poor kids played with. That was what she called the one who lived a normal life, poor kids.


Than the day came for me to decide what education I was going to get. My mom and dad wanted me to be a lawyer, just like them. I looked in the mirror at my bathroom, looked into my blue eyes. They were sad. My eyes told everyone that I thought this way to live were awful. I hated to be someone else than the normal kids. I hated the way my parents thought people were admiring them, just because they had a work that gave them status, and a lot of money. My hands glided over my skirt. The last two weeks I had made my own clothes. My beautiful wardrobe with golden edges was filled with old clothes, cut in new ways. I loved the way my clothes changed meaning when I mixed them and cut them. Than it would be hard to see any difference between the ”normal” and me.


The letter felt awesome between my fingers. The answer had come, and I knew my parents would be angry as hell when they figured it out. My plan was not to be a lawyer. My dream was to be a designer. I would design my own clothes, and hopefully others to. I opened the letter, and there it stood. For the first time in my life I was going to an ordinary school. It meant “the end” with the home lessons, expensive books, and the most expensive home-teaching lady. It always had to be a lady. My mom meant that the ladies were best in teaching, and it was a shame with having men teaching.


They knocked at my door, real hard. You could hear of the knocking that they were really angry. In fact it had been years since the last time they knocked my door. “Come in” I said with a way to happy voice. The door flew up, and in came my mom and dad. Their face was almost blue of anger. You could actually see a small equality between them and the blue monsters in my old nightmares. “What the hell are you thinking of? Are you going to be a shame for us? You have a choice! You are not going to that school, if you are, you’re out of this house tomorrow!” They were out, as fast as they came in. I didn’t usually get yelled at. The last time was when I had bought a new skipping-rope, and hided it under my bed.


While I stumbled out the door next morning I wasn’t sad. Actually I felt a bit happy. I’ve had a second chance to prove to everybody that I wasn’t what it looked like. Now I was starting my own way to happiness. Actually I wasn’t mad at my parents at all. I knew that they didn’t know better. They didn’t have a clue about going their own way. All they cared about were what everybody else thought of them. I just had to get out of that circle, and show them how a real happy life was going on.


After a few months I hadn’t heard from my parents yet. Sometimes I felt a bit sad, but it soon disappeared when the happiness took over my emotions. Anyway, I had made it to get a new life. My life at school was great, and I shared room with the greatest girl I’d ever met. She helped me move on, she helped me with learning how to do it at my own. I was actually helping for her to, she had a problem with doing great at school, but with my entire home lessons I was teaching her everything she wanted to know. Together we were awesome. In fact I did get a boyfriend to. He was just like my dad, without the money and the hard work, and a bit more loving. I was sure that my mom would like him, if she wanted to.


After a couple of years our education was over. My boyfriend, my best friend (the room sharer), and I started our own business with clothing. Our designer-clothes got really well known. The money rolled in, but that didn’t matter, we got happy with our working, and my boyfriend and I were going to get married. My life was just like I wanted it to be, but still without any support from family. Than the day that changed it all, came along.

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