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An accident in the forest

Om noen ungdommer som skal tøffe seg for damene sine.

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Endless winter, I’ve bought a new snowboard and are ready to go to the mountains to party. Jane, Julian, George, Pamela, Thomas and me shall stay at a cottage near the mountains in Aspen. To Aspen we have to travel by bus. On the way to Aspen we are talk, listen to music and eat candy. I listen to Wu Tang Clan on my discman. Jane, Pamela, Thomas and me are snowboarders. Julian and George are alpine skiers. Well forward we pack out our stuff from the bus. Jane unlocks the cottage and we put the ski equipment outside the cottage. The cottage is very home-made with a little fireplace a kitchen table and a sofa. Thomas goes for wood to the fireplace. Jane makes us some cocoa. We play cards and goes to bed. Pamela my girlfriend is sleeping with jane and thomas with me. George and his little sister Julian is sleeping one one room. Next morning when I wakeup Pamela made breakfast. "Aaah, you are a really good cook" says thomas and grabs a loaf of bread. " Yes, I am really glad you are my girlfriend" says I and give Pamela a kiss on her cheek. Pamela smiles. After a hour we put on our skisuits and glasses to go skiing in the mountains. At the top Thomas sees a ski-track with a lot of powder snow. " We have to test that snow! " thomas says exited. Pamela is quick ", I don’t want to ski there, it can be dangerous". Thomas refuses, because he wants to feel the powder. Me and Thomas sets down the hills. Pamela, ,Jane, Julian, George splits up and skies down the family track. Thomas rides fast and stops in front of a huge snowdrift. "OH NO, watch out Thomas an avalanche is right behind you".


The avalanche rides down with a speed of 100-200 mph. I can see Thomas drowns in the avalanche. Thomas is buried. I ski down to get some help. Jane stops me and asks for Thomas. "Thomas is buried under an avalanche" I say loud. "We have to go up their and find Thomas", Jane says worried. " No, we have to get professional help!". I say appointed. Jane runs to the nearest telephone and calls "911". The red cross is their in five minutes. I show them where Thomas drowned in the avalanche. The red cross uses their professional trained dogs to find Thomas. I give them one of Thomas’s nittens. The dog smells the smell and goes for Thomas’s smell. After a hour with searching, we don’t have any results. Jane Thomas’s girlfriend begins to cry, Pamela comforts her. When the night comes, the Red Cross want us to go home. They tell us that they will keep searching to midnight. We walk to the cottage, and lay down to get asleep. It is impossible to sleep. We lay awake the hole night. Next morning we go to the Red Cross, but they haven’t found him.


It’s the last time I will drive outside the ski arena. We went home totally exhausted.

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