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My life

En historie fra slavetiden.

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July 23, 1852

I was sitting next to my brother when I heard someone from the village screamed ”Americans, Americans"! I reacted quickly and grabbed my brother in his arm and we started to run for our lives. An old man in the village had earlier told us about the Americans, and how they treat us black people.


I was so scared if that would happen to my family. I could hear people who had been caught, screaming for help, but I did not stop, because I had my own family to take care of. Suddenly my biggest fear came alive; I had lost my little brother. How could that be possible! I just had him here, right next to me. Suddenly I heard my brother screaming my name. I started running in that direction. I saw two men who were holding my brother. I was so frightened and did not think longer that I am going to save my little brother. I grabbed a pitchfork on the ground. The two men who were holding my brother spotted me and picked up some kind of a rope. Suddenly those two men became seven, and they where everywhere, But I was focused on saving my brother from those men. I started to wave with my pitchfork towards them. Instead of get scared, they started laughing at me. I took my pitchfork and threw it at one of the men. I hit him in the stomach and he was screaming a language I didn't understand and suddenly he was gone. It all happened so fast and in the next second I was caught by the rope. A man came and hit me in the face and I fell on ground. I turned around and saw the Americans picked up a knife and stabbed my brother several times. I couldn't help him because I was tied up. I could hear him screaming before I fainted. I wish it could happen to me instead of him. I wish I could feel his pain.

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