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Hvordan kan man bedre relasjonen mellom u-land og i-land?

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3. verden

In this paper I will try to figure out what we have to do to make the developing countries better to live in. I’m also going to explain why I think it’s not possible that the whole world can be as rich and lucky as us wealthy ones. Why don’t rich people want to give more money to poor people?


The developing countries aren’t in good shape. The environment is very bad, it’s a lot of diseases and hunger. The people don’t know so much about things that we know about. Some of them don’t know why and how they become pregnant. That’s why we, from the richest countries in the world, have to travel to them, and show and teach them how to improve their hygiene and sexual necessity.


Celebrities who give plenty of money to people who need it are Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey. Bill Gates has given more then anyone ever has given to charity. But it isn’t that weird, because he is a billionaire. Rich people should give much more to developing countries. We give a lot, but we should give much more. We don’t need all the money we earn! If every rich people didn’t buy all the needless stuff, and gave the money to the poor, it would make a big different. Everyone can donate 200 NOK once in the month to SOS child support or something else important.


One thing I think is really bad done by industrialized nations is that when developing countries make us beautiful goods and want to sell it to us. We buy it for so little money and sell it for a lot of money at home in our own country. So we don’t help them so much with buying their goods.


The poor people from developing countries don’t deserve to be poor and miserable. We’re all people either we’re from Uganda or Norway, either we’re black or white! It’s just so sad that it almost every time it happens something appalling, it often frames the poor. When the tsunami came, it framed countries in Asia. When it’s earth quaking, it also often frames poor countries.


But maybe it is for the best that every country isn’t as rich as us. Think about it; if every people in this world were going to have one car each, minimum. Every people wanted to travel to the south once a year, wanted computers, cell phones, expensive clothes and have big factories that pollute the environment. It wouldn’t be very healthy for our little miserable planet. So it might be for our own good that we don’t help the poor as much as we should.


One solution is that we, rich people, distribute money so we were as rich as everyone else. Make it justice! But do we want to give away our money, which we’ve earned ourselves? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t call us greedy, but we might be a bit inconsiderate.


When we look at the news at television, and it was for example the tsunami in South-Asia. Then we get the message that we should donate money to them! Off course we should, but what about all the other countries that don’t get much publicity? They might need as much money as the hurt from the tsunami. I understand that the tsunami came very sudden, and that they needed help. But I think that we should put a lot of focus into all cases like poverty.


Charity groups like “Red Cross” helps developing countries like Romania and others, they’re building buildings, hydroelectric stations and other important stuff for destitution countries. “Doctors without limits” also helps out all over the world, wherever they are needed.


One thing to improve the developing countries I think would be to start democracy. In poor countries it’s often dictatorship, I think that is a very bad thing to have. Because when it’s one leader only, it’s easy to start with corruption. Democracy isn’t always the best solution either, but I think that would be much better for countries who don’t always know the best for them and their land.


The different on developing countries and industrialized nations are that developing countries are late with the progressing in spite of the industrialized nations. They haven’t experience in the environment business, and they are developing their information about contraceptive.


In the future I hope that developing countries and industrialized nation can communicate with each other and make a balance between the environments and try to keep our planet nice, clean and safe.

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