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The Golden Horse

Et morsomt eventyr..;P

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Once upon a time there was a story about a golden horse. It was said that the horse lived on a mountain far far away. Many farmers and horse-riders wanted to find this horse. The reason was that it was said that the horse was as strong as 7 men, and as fast as 3 antelopes. And it had the shiniest golden colour. But no matter how much people wanted the horse, no one could find her. People had tried for ages to find her, but without luck.


On a sunny day, in the town Daughville a knight came riding down the road form the big castle on top of a big hill. Everyone in town came out from there houses to see what this man was doing her. He climbed up on the gallows, and shouted out: “I have a message from the king. He is setting up a competition, for everybody. The competitors must find the Golden Horse, and bring him to the king. The ones, who come back without the horse, will be hanged on this gallows.” Everybody looked scared and frightened. “But there’s more. The one who can find the golden horse will get princess Lorie and half of the kingdom.” Everybody looked more interested now.

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