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"Narnia" by C. S. Lewis

A book review in English about Narnia.

Karakter: 5+

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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I chose to read the book Narnia. The book is written by C.S Lewis, a famous British writer of children’s books. It is said that Lewis wrote this book to his niece who was sick and later died. In the book Lewis named one of the main characters after his niece - Lucy.


The title of the book is Narnia. Narnia is a fictitious world and contains fictitious persons and animals. The animals can talk and do other supernatural things. In Narnia even trees are alive, and some of them are on the White Witch’s side. The book is all about good versus evil. In fact, there is a battle between the good and the bad. In front line of the good we have the Pevensie children; Edmund, Susan, Peter and Lucy in companion with Aslan, the great lion. These characters fight against the White Witch and her companions. Although Edmund betrays his siblings, he returns after a while fighting for the good and righteous.


In the beginning of the story the setting is London under the second world-war. Edmund, Susan, Peter and Lucy are sent away from London because of the air-raids and to be kept safely away from the war. They are sent to the house of an old professor. He lives far away from any city or road. The house of the professor is a big house, a huge house, almost a mansion. However, the children, and firstly Lucy, discovers a new land within a wardrobe in the house of the professor. It is within the wardrobe, in the land of Narnia, that most of the story takes place. Narnia is a cold land, covered in ice and snow.

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