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Pink the ruler colour

Grisene hersker på jorda, og undertrykker menneskene.

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It was that time when it was the pigs was ruling over the world and the humans were slaves. Everything was pink. Houses, horse wagons, houses and even the king’s castle were pink. It was a dissent time humans. They were working on farms and if they coloured anything one other colour they would be hanged ore the worst ting was the jail in the bottom of the castle.


The ruling colour was therefore pink, nobody could do something about it the king thought. But there was one man who lived in the forest. His name was Knut Hood. He had always his green cloth on and his brown shoes. He was a good bow man and lived on food from the wood and did not earn any money sow he was never in the town.


One they there was a pig coming true the forest and you could se that he was lost. Knut met him with his bow drawn back. “I come in peace”: said the pig. Knut took down the bow and asked: “What are you doing out here all by yourself. Are you lost ore something? What  your name by the way? The pig look around before he answer: “I painted my house blue and the king sent order to bring me to him. I manage to get away and I run in to the this big forest, the soldier did not want to go in because the was afraid of a man called Knut Hood who is suppose to live in here. Do you now who it is?”

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