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A mountain hike

Historie om en gutt på vei opp fjelltoppen Kilimanjaro.

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I ran, but my brother was right behind me. I was about to set up the speed, when his strong arm grabbed my t-shirt and held me back.

-Got you! He wrelled.

I burst into laughter and turned around. When I smiled at him, his strong and hard face broke into a smile, however, a smile made of pain and worry.

-My dear sister! Promise me you will never run off again. Give me your word. If he was scared or tired, he did not show it.

-Would you prefer that I was just gone?

- No! Stay in the camp! Stay close to us.

- I want to be free! I just want to be alone for some time, to gather my thoughts and find out what to do! I turned around in despair. The illness I felt made me shut myself into my own little world of love and beauty ness. I knew he would not let me go, he was not able to.

- You are making me upset! He whispered angry.

Exactly at that moment, the sun rose. It was like the entire forest sprung into life. Feelings, so unknown they do not have names filled my body.

-Come with me! I saw he was angry, and I understood why. However, I lost control. I struck him. And I ran. Human nature.


I reached the top and took a good overview. The entire forest lay beneath me, and even a small village was visible in the distance. A great satisfaction filled me, this had been my purpose right from the beginning. Tha landscape was unimpeachable, and I did not know where to strike out. My brother had caused trouble, he always tried to prevent me from continue. And when he wanted me to turn back, I had enough. My narrow escape would not stop him, and he had a fresh trace. My brother would go trough ice, fire and dynamite, just to make sure I was ok.


Reaching the top of Kilimanjaro had always been the goal of my life. People told me it was a losing intention, and I became aware of the fact that the most important thing in life was never to give up. If your hopes get drenched in criticism, stand up for yourself and defend the things you believe in. No matter what you have to set up against, have trust in God and you own power. Stand up and show what you are good at. Never withdraw your words. If you say something, you have to mean it. And never underestimate your enemies...


Like a whisper in the wind, my instinct brought me back to reality.

-You have made it! A familiar voice filled the air.

-Get away from me! You never believed in me. I hat you!

-Just look at me. Look into my eyes and tell me you hate me. I refused, but at a moment, our eyes met. The answer was self-evident, I just had to forgive him. The same blood ran trough our vanes, we were born into the same worl. We were not meant to be enemies. Our relationship was made of something stronger than love. One incident should not be able to change that. Why not give up the dignity for a while? Why not tell him I was sorry? He broke the struggling silence.

-Let me apologize...for being such an idiot.

-No, I’m the one to feel sorry. Will you ever forgive my mistakes?

I threw myself around his neck, I knew he understood. We cried, both of us, however, I was no sad...just over welded.

And there, at the top of Kilimanjaro, we svore not to let anything come between us ever again.

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